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The Wall
We have put up The Wall for you to write on. Unlike all physical walls, this will never be a barrier: it is a bridge.
Sandhya Murthy
07 Jan, 2019
The EU: Peace, Co-operation and Equality
One thing that is frequently missing from our discussions of the EU is how very popular an institution it is...
Women4Europe 🎗 #WomenAgainstBrexit #W4PeoplesVote
13 Dec, 2018
Women aren't buying Brexit
Women aren’t buying Brexit for a very simple reason : they understand Brexit in ways that men don’t. For women,...
Why I support the People’s Vote Campaign: Love and Legislation
Sandhya Murthy - 07 Dec, 2018
I have three big reasons why I support the People’s Vote Campaign. Love, Legislation...
Why my MP should support a People's Vote
Adrian Waite - 06 Dec, 2018
I think there are three reasons why my MP should support a People’s Vote...
The Conservative Party's history with Europe
Adrian Waite - 06 Dec, 2018
I have been studying the history of the Conservative Party and its attitude to...
The problem with the New World Order that Brexiteers desire
Adrian Waite - 05 Dec, 2018
Recently, Brexiteers such as Jacob Rees-Mogg have described the post-war capitalist system in Europe,...
The issues with trading on WTO rules
Graham Bishop #Fbpe - 28 Nov, 2018
Support in Parliament for the Brexiteers’ call to “crash out of the EU and...
No plan - no mandate
London4Europe #Fbpe - 28 Nov, 2018
Leavers argue that Remainers don’t respect democracy. We argue Leavers never had an agreed...
European values and the People's Vote campaign - why I joined European Movement
Adrian Waite - 28 Nov, 2018
I wasn’t old enough to vote in the European Union referendum of 1975. I...
Lest we forget - why I joined the European Movement
Kevin Sullivan - 26 Nov, 2018
The case for a strong democratic Europe is compelling. Yet the vote for Brexit...