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The Wall
We have put up The Wall for you to write on. Unlike all physical walls, this will never be a barrier: it is a bridge.
Richard Corbett
05 Dec, 2017
Confusion and Delusion
Yesterday morning, briefings from both sides in the Brexit negotiations were confidently looking forward to announcing a deal on the phase 1...
Richard Corbett
28 Nov, 2017
UK not eligible to host European Capital of Culture 2023
I am disappointed for all those who have worked hard in Leeds, and the other contending towns, to hear this...
Brexit and Agriculture 3: Growing Concerns
Richard Corbett - 28 Nov, 2017
I was delighted to be invited to speak at the Brexit and Agriculture event...
'Hard Brexit or No Brexit?' That is the question
Brendan Donnelly - 13 Nov, 2017
In his recent testimony to the House of Lords, Sir Ivan Rogers, former British...
Brexit Transition – is there a Plan B?
Graham Bishop - 08 Nov, 2017
Time is not on the UK’s side in these negotiations: The latest ONS annual...
Why the Tories are terrified of releasing the Brexit impact papers
Richard Corbett - 07 Nov, 2017
If Brexit is going to be so great, why have so many Brexiters been...
No Brexit problem at Irish border, IF you have…
Richard Corbett - 07 Nov, 2017
It is possible to maintain an “invisible border” in Ireland after Brexit, says the...
The devastating impact of losing freedom of movement - a musician's perspective
Anneke Scott - 31 Oct, 2017
I am a freelance classical musician. My work takes me all over the globe...
Bespoke Deals? Get out of your Silo!
Richard Corbett - 24 Oct, 2017
Besides collectively asking for a Brexit transition period, industries are also looking at what...
How to stop Brexit (and make Britain Great again)
Graham Bishop - 19 Oct, 2017
Former Liberal Democrat Leader and Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has written a book...