A statement from Molly Scott Cato - candidate for Senior Vice Chair

Published on November 06, 2023

I joined the European Movement once it became clear that we could not stop Brexit from happening. I saw it then, and continue to see it now, as the leading body that will campaign for us to once again become members of the EU. I am prepared to dedicate myself to that mission. 

I was a member of the European Parliament between 2014 and 2020 and during that time I developed a deep respect for the EU’s institutions and its peace-building project. I campaigned very actively through the referendum campaign in 2016 and continued arguing against Brexit from my parliamentary platform until January. You can see my farewell speech to the Parliament here. 

I was elected as the senior Vice Chair of the European Movement UK in autumn 2021 with the intention of focusing on our communications work and building relationships with leading politicians in EU capitals. I have recently begun organising a series of visits to European capitals by leading EM members. The aim of these visits is to build the sorts of links that will pave our way back to EU membership. I am also working with our Chair and our Head of Communications to develop our strategic communications strategy.

Many of you will be aware that halfway through my term I had to step into the role of chair for some eight months, chairing meetings of the Council and Executive, guiding appointments and strategy, and overseeing the election of our new Chair. Although I did not seek this, it has drawn me more closely into the work of the EM and I think I have good insight into how the organisation works, our strategy and objectives, and I also have good working relationships with the staff team. 

I strongly value our local branches and the extraordinary commitment made by them to our mission to build support for EU membership. I spent the years of the Brexit struggle criss-crossing the country speaking to campaign meetings and am always willing to speak at local EM meetings. 

I have strong connections with Green politicians from across Europe and was instrumental in involving Caroline Lucas and Terry Reintke in the work of the European Movement. While I am strongly committed to one political party I am a pluralist and have always managed to work with people from all parties and none. I can be trusted to work in a genuinely cross-party way. 

It has been exciting to see how the European Movement has really achieved momentum over the past year as we have built up our staff team and honed our strategy.

We are running like a well-oiled machine and I would be thrilled to continue as Vice Chair to support further progress during the next two years. 

Vote for me to become your new Senior Vice Chair. 

Many thanks, 

Molly Scott Cato 

Vice-Chair of the European Movement UK 

P.S. To vote for me you'll need to be a member of the European Movement (and have been since Oct 16th 2023). You'll also need to enter your unique login details found in the original Civica voting email (sent on Oct 27th). Alternatively, you can click the link in the original Civica email and vote from there. 

Please feel free to interact with me via X/Twitter (@GreenPartyMolly) or email ([email protected]). 

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