Pro-Europeans take to the street in biggest day of action since referendum

Published on September 05, 2017

OB EMUK BfE logosThousands of grassroots pro-European activists took to the streets on Saturday 2 September in the biggest national day of action since the referendum, after a week of Brexit negotiations in which the Brexit talks appeared to be in deadlock, increasing the chances of a bad deal for the UK.

Over 2,000 volunteers from the UK’s three biggest pro-European groups – European Movement UK, Open Britain and Britain for Europe – held around 450 street stalls and community leafleting sessions in communities the length and breadth of the United Kingdom.

Events were held in every region and nation of the UK. Volunteers made sure that politicians heard the voices of ordinary members of the public who cherish the close links between the UK and the European Union, and want to turn the tide of the Brexit debate. 

Stephen Dorrell, Chair of the European Movement UK, said:

“We are at a crucial point when pro-European groups working together can show just how many of us aspire to a future of unity and proximity with our European neighbours and want to safeguard the UK’s position in the European Union.

“We are determined to make the pro-European voice louder and are pleased to be campaigning side by side with Open Britain and Britain for Europe for this, the biggest national day of action since the referendum.

“Grassroots opposition to Brexit is growing all the time and it is thanks to our supporters and local branches that we can effectively strengthen calls for a different future to the one government is railroading us into.”

Tom Brufatto, Chair of Britain for Europe, said:

“Our members and supporters are unreservedly in favour of continuous membership of the EU and we welcome the chance to work side by side with the European Movement UK and Open Britain for an action day to remember.

“We need government to realise that when leading pro-European groups work together we are a force to be reckoned with.  Our supporters, out today, don’t want to standby as existing ties with the EU are severed and we are pushed towards a precarious horizon. 

“We look forward to more opportunities to work with like-minded pro-European groups to reverse the Brexit course we are being steered down against our wills.”

Chuka Umunna MP, leading supporter of Open Britain, said:

“We are showing the Government that they cannot ignore the strength of feeling among millions of Britons who oppose their damaging hard Brexit strategy.

“Our volunteers are campaigning in every region and nation of the UK, showing that local communities value our links with Europe and say no to the Government’s threat of an extreme, destructive no-deal Brexit.

“We’re delighted to be working together with the European Movement and Britain for Europe on this national day of action, the biggest to be held since the referendum.”

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