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  • We may have left the EU, but we are still European.

    Now that we have left the EU, join the largest pro-European organisation in the UK and become a part of the European community for the future. Together, we can fight for our shared European values and hold Boris Johnson to account.

    Join the movement.

    As a member, you will be at the heart of the movement. Whether it's by shaping and informing the movement’s work, attending events, or taking action in your community - our members make us who we are.

    Our thousands of members make us too loud to ignore and help us go from strength to strength, as we fight hard to secure a European future that we can be proud of.

    As a thank you, members get preferential access to upcoming events, as well as special member-only events that offer a deeper dive into the latest in UK and European affairs. You'll also receive our in-depth weekly briefing on the latest developments, straight to your inbox.


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  • Business¬†

    Listen to Willa Geertsema, a business owner from the South East, talk about how Brexit has impacted her and other business owners like her. 

  • Erasmus¬†

    Listen to Anna Grainger, a teacher from Warwickshire, talk about how Brexit has impacted her and other teachers and students like her. 

  • Refugees¬†

    Listen to Tekle, a refugee and member of Safe Passage's London Leaders group, talk about how Brexit has impacted him and other refugees like him. 

  • Fishing¬†

    Listen to Tom Haward, an Oyster Farmer from Essex, talk about how Brexit has impacted him and other fishing industry workers like him. 

  • Environment¬†

    Listen to Tyrone Scott, a climate activist from Hackney, talk about how Brexit has impacted him and other climate activists like him. 

  • Agriculture

    Listen to Andrew Brown, a farmer from Rutland, talk about how Brexit has impacted him and other agriculture workers like him.

  • Who We Are

    The European Movement is a cross-party, single-issue organisation. We are powered by our 16,000 members, over 180,000 campaign supporters, over 100 local groups, and our strong networks in Westminster and the EU.

    The European Movement President is Lord Heseltine, and our Chair is Lord Adonis. The Movement‚Äôs strategy is directed by our National Council ‚Äď a 100 strong body of campaigners from right across the UK. Anna Bird, CEO, leads the staff team and oversees operational delivery of the strategy.

    What We Believe

    The UK shares deeply held values and a common history with our European neighbours. The EU and its member states are natural trading and cultural partners for the UK and together, we can exercise powerful influence on the world stage.

    Brexit was a historic, national mistake. UK’s economic and political interests, and the global pursuit of our shared values of peace, freedom, democracy, human rights and the rule of law, are best achieved through the UK playing our full part as a member of the European Union.

    Our History

    The European Movement was founded by Winston Churchill in 1948. For over 70 years, we have worked to build a closer relationship with the rest of Europe. Our organisation played a significant role in securing the UK’s membership of the European Community in 1975 and we were a partner in the People’s Vote campaign in the aftermath of the 2016 referendum that led to UK leaving the European Union. We are now continuing that long legacy of pro-European campaigning.

    Our Strategy

    The European Movement’s mission is to reverse the calamity of Brexit and win the Battle for the Soul of our Country by shifting public opinion.


  • Volunteers are central to any successful campaigning organisation and European Movement UK is no different. Volunteers are vital to everything that we do.

    We're a busy team, and we couldn't do what we do without people like you helping us out.

    Whether you have specific skills to offer such as photography, graphic design, or fundraising, or you just want to help us out with general tasks at our London office, any help that you're able to give will be greatly appreciated and will help us fight successful campaigns.

    Please read the volunteer handbook below for more details about each of the roles, and then complete the form below so that we can add you to our volunteer database.

    Please e-mail [email protected] if you have any queries.

  • The European Movement is proud to introduce the Rt Hon Lord Heseltine as the new President of the European Movement UK.

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