Brexit Isn't Working

Brexit isn't working. It's time to demand better.

The government's Brexit deal has revealed itself to be an utter disaster. Isn't it time that we demanded something better?

Before we experience a winter of discontent, we need to be bold and say it: Brexit isn’t working and there is an alternative.

It's time to put ideological and political chicanery to one side, and do what's right. It's time to get Britain moving again!

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We are changing the public conversation around Brexit from the ground up. 

Many of the media outlets that supported Brexit just don’t want to know, but people across the UK are hungry for a real alternative. 

That’s why we are working to expose the impacts of Brexit in our communities and helping each and every one to say that Brexit isn’t working and it’s time for a closer relationship with Europe. 

With your support, we will...

...Deliver our biggest action day to date, with our network of local groups on the ground all across the UK 

...Turn up the heat on Conservative MPs so they know they need to act on Brexit 

...Have thousands and thousands of conversations in the community, letting people know that it doesn’t have to be this way 

...Make the positive case for a real alternative to this government’s shoddy hard Brexit deal 

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