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It's time to find out - do they work for you?

If Blue Wall MPs really work for their constituents, they will speak out on trade and Save Our Standards, writes MP Geraint Davies.

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As COP26 in Glasgow ended, I and others were raising the alarm that the final agreement went nowhere near far enough.

But the work of protecting our planet must continue. Very soon the government will make further important decisions for the future of our world. Many such decisions will be on post-Brexit trade deals and whether they protect our planet.

The European Movement’s Save our Standards campaign is pushing for any new trade deal to include guaranteed environmental and animal welfare protections.

Yesterday, in an exclusive with the Mirror we publicly launched our bid to put Tory MPs on notice that they must defend environmental standards, and dozens of our local groups were out campaigning on the streets. This follows a week of campaigning including:

  • Landmark European Movement polling showing voters of all parties and none overwhelmingly want existing UK standards to be protected
  • 32,000+ people signing the Movement’s petition to pile pressure onto the government
  • The Movement targeting the ‘Blue Wall’ constituencies of vulnerable Tory MPs with digital adverts

We’ve already recruited thousands of supporters in these ‘Blue Wall’ constituencies, where voters don’t want a low-standards future. If ‘Blue Wall’ MPs really work for their constituents – and not Australian mega-farm companies – they will listen to their voters and support our campaign.

We'll make sure Tory MPs are forced to Save our Standards or risk losing votes at the next election.

But we can only do this with help from all our supporters. If you can, please donate to help us take the fight to hard Brexit MPs.

Our farmers need your protection from being undercut by foods produced to a lower standards, in particular as they now face difficulties exporting into the Single Market.

Thank you so much for your incredible support.