Europe Day Webinar 2020

Europe Day is held on 09 May every year to celebrates peace and unity in Europe. The date marks the anniversary of the "Schuman declaration" which proposed a new form of political cooperation in Europe, where war between Europe's nations would be unthinkable. This proposal is widely considered to be the the start of the journey towards what is now the European Union.

The European Movement UK had big plans for Europe Day 2020, including our usual network of community picnics and a big speaker event, but unfortunately COVID-19 rendered those plans obsolete. To replace those plans we were happy to welcome a selection of VIP speakers to a webinar which attracted hundreds of attendees to discuss both the EU and the UK's future relationship with it.

Speakers at the event were:

  • João Vale de Almeida, European Union Ambassador to the UK
  • Terry Reintke MEP, MEP for Germany.
  • Stephen Dorrell, Chair of European Movement UK
  • Dominic Grieve, former Attorney General and MP.

The event was introduced by Hugo Mann, interim CEO of the European Movement UK, and featured a Q&A moderated by Scott Daniells our Outreach and Events Manager.

You can watch a replay of the event below, with further information about the speakers being found at the bottom of the page.



More information about our speakers


João Vale de Almeida
European Union Ambassador to the UK

João Vale de Almeida is a senior European Union diplomat who is currently the first Ambassador of the European Union to the United Kingdom. Prior to this he was EU Ambassador to the United Nations (from 2015 to 2019), and EU Ambassador to the United States of America (from 2010 to 2014), having previously worked for the European Commission since 1982. João Vale de Almeida is Portuguese; he was born in Lisbon in 1957


Terry Reintke MEP
Member of the European Parliament (Germany)

Terry Reintke is a Member of the European Parliament from Germany. She is currently a Vice President of The Greens–European Free Alliance group, and from from 2011 to 2013 she was the spokesperson of the Federation of Young European Greens. Terry was instrumental in establishing the European Parliament's EU-UK Friendship Group.


Stephen Dorrell
Chair of European Movement UK

A Member of Parliament over 35 years (1979-2015), Stephen served two Prime Ministers in positions that included Lord Commissioner of the Treasury, Secretary of State for Heritage, and Secretary of State for Health. He was been Chair of European Movement UK from 2016 - 2020.


Dominic Grieve QC
Former Attorney General and MP

Dominic Grieve served as the Member of Parliament for Beaconsfield from 1997 to 2019, as Shadow Home Secretary from 2008 to 2009, before being appointed Attorney General for England and Wales and Advocate General for Northern Ireland from May 2010 to July 2014, attending Cabinet. Dominic is a leading supporter of European Movement UK.


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