Europe Day 2020
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Europe Day 2020

What is Europe Day?

Europe Day is an international celebration of peace and unity across the continent of Europe.

Held on May 9th every year, it marks the anniversary of the historic Schumann declaration where, in 1950, the French Foreign Minister set out his vision of a new kind of political cooperation which would make war and other conflict between European neighbours unthinkable.

His vision was to create a Europe-wide institution that would pool resources, initially coal and steel, and the treaty that was signed to create this institution less than a year later is widely seen as being the foundation of what later became the European Union.

Europe Day in the UK

While not as widely known in the UK as it is in other parts of the continent, Europe Day is an important celebration for pro-Europeans across the country. 

In previous years, Europe Day celebrations in the UK have included:

  • Community social events
  • A network of picnics across the UK
  • Debates, talks, and conferences
  • Cultural events and exhibitions
  • A celebratory boat trip along the River Thames
  • Grassroots campaigning

The UK may now have left the European Union but there are millions of people in all 4 nations, and beyond, who believe in European peace and unity and wish to mark this by celebrating Europe Day.


Europe Day 2020

To celebrate Europe Day this year, European Movement UK will be working with our grassroots activists, and external partners, on several initiatives.

In addition to supporting a series of events across the UK, that are designed to both celebrate Europe Day and increase its visibility, we will be curating an events calendar that will contain all Europe Day events taking place across the UK. These will be those organised by our local groups, and those organised by our partners and other external organisations, to help people find the events closest to them.

Our Europe Day site and calendar will be accessed via

Get involved

Why not get involved this year by hosting a Europe Day event? You could:

  • Set up a community picnic in a local park
  • Host an event in your place of work or a local community centre
  • Organise a social to show solidarity with our European friends and neighbours
  • ...or something else. The possibilities are endless.

If you organise a Europe Day event, or if you know of one taking place in your local area, then let us know and we will add it to the calendar that will launch on this page shortly.

Email us on : [email protected]