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This year, with the UK hosting Eurovision in Liverpool on behalf of Ukraine, we have a unique opportunity to celebrate our shared European culture and values – and, of course, have some fun! 

The spotlight will be on the UK this May so let's show that we’re still a welcoming country and that Brexit doesn’t define us. 

We’re inviting you to take part in our wave of Eurovision watch parties up and down the country on 13 May, so that, as a movement, we can: 

  • Bring people together in a positive celebration of European culture and values 
  • Show solidarity with the people of Ukraine 
  • Reach new people and bring them into our movement 
  • Fundraise for our campaign to rebuild ties with the EU 

You can host your party at home, or if you want to go bigger, book an external venue.  

To get started, fill in the form to request your free party pack and we’ll send you a few essentials to get your party going. The rest is up to you! 

The pack includes: European flag bunting; paper flags; Eurovision bingo card; party glasses and cocktail sticks; an inflatable microphone to pose with; a booklet filled with tips, recipes and ideas for activities on the night. 

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