Good Friday Agreement at 25

The European Movement is proud to release and share with you a series of deeply intimate and personal films which look back on 25 years of the Good Friday Agreement. This timeline celebrates the achievements and extraordinary untold stories of everyday people in Northern Ireland. Discover how the power of cooperation and Europe’s mission for a peaceful future transformed a country, changed the course of history and inspired the world.

In these films, the oldest person interviewed was born 50 years before the Good Friday Agreement, and the youngest – just 17 years old – was born seven years after the signing. As you work your way down the timeline and through the ages, you will witness first-hand how the country’s transformation is propelled by the landmark agreement.  

We are committed to lifting the voices of the people of Northern Ireland and sharing these stories so please take a few minutes to watch these films and then share with your friends, family and networks.

1 July 1948

16 June 1964

21 June 1964

1 July 1964

22 February 1967

1 July 1982

9 March 1989

6 April 1989

7 August 1992

October 1994

3 August 1995

18 August 1998

11 January 2001

15 March 2005

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