Stop the delay - Bring back Horizon

The European Movement is calling on the Prime Minister Rishi Sunak to finally bring an end to the uncertainty for UK science, research and development and rejoin Horizon Europe.

Horizon Europe is the EU’s research and development budget worth £82 billion. Horizon funds groundbreaking work on things like cancer research, food sustainability and climate change.

The government has delayed our return to Horizon, despite months of negotiations. Write to your MP today and demand they call on the Prime Minister to put an end to the delay and uncertainty and join the biggest transnational research and development programme in the world.

Before Brexit the UK played a leading role in Horizon Europe vying with Germany as the biggest beneficiary of the programme. Before the end of the transition period, hundreds of researchers, scientists, private companies, local authorities, charities and joint ventures benefited from Horizon Europe funding - a pot that totalled £82 billion across the EU.

When the UK left the EU any negotiations over the UK’s access to Horizon was dependent on the Northern Ireland Protocol and the Trade and Cooperation Agreement. Since the Windsor Framework was agreed in February 2023, the EU has openly invited the UK to progress negotiations.

The UK government has, since then, delayed the decision causing immeasurable uncertainty for the hundreds of institutions who depend on the funding. The European Movement is calling on the government to put an end to the delay and secure associate membership of Horizon.

We need you to write to your MP today and get them to put more pressure on the Prime Minister.

Horizon is the biggest transnational research and development budget in the world. It brings together the world’s brightest minds to address the existential issues of tomorrow. From cancer research to food sustainability, from ecological preservation to climate change, from technological advancements to AI, Horizon funds projects across Europe.

Inside the EU, the UK was a leader on shaping research and innovation programmes. We led a long and successful fight to give science and innovation a much bigger slice of the EU Budget.

UK association to Horizon Europe would be a big win for everyone who wants the best scientific talent working together to save lives and to save the planet.

But we are not quite there yet.

The Government has gone silent on the Horizon deal. Don’t let them. Write to your MP today.

Write to your MP
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