I'm a European because...

We’re European because we believe in peace and that our interests are best served by working together, not apart.

Tell us why you feel European...

What you've said

  • I want to look out at the world, not inward
  • Peace
  • I believe in international solidarity
  • We achieve more together
  • The ability to study and share knowledge abroad
  • Europe has stood up for and protected LGBT rights
  • Every country has a different story but a shared history!
  • It makes me proud
  • I share European values and philosophies
  • I didn’t chose where I was born, I can choose where I live. Europe is my home
  • The food I eat, the books I’ve read, the science and history I was taught. European. All of it
  • I believe in a borderless world where the place you were born doesn’t influence you for life. The EU 🇪🇺 is the first step towards that
  • I'm a European because our history is intertwined and our future will always be too
  • I’m English with an Irish grandmother and a German grandfather. I want the next generation to have the same freedom to mix and match and love
  • I’m European because I have lived without restriction in multiple European countries for most of my adult life
  • Because of my family and our values
  • The EU is a force for peace and stability, and has been for decades
  • Having children that were born and grew up in the UK and later studied, worked and settled down in three different EU countries
  • Humanity is at its best when we are working together
  • I love the freedom of movement and belonging to an organization that protects my rights and liberties.
  • The EU protects mine and my family’s rights