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I'm a European because...

We’re European because we believe in peace and that our interests are best served by working together, not apart.

Tell us why you feel European...

What you've said

  • I want to look out at the world, not inward
  • I met my German partner thanks to freedom of movement!
  • Peace
  • I believe in international solidarity
  • We achieve more together
  • The ability to study and share knowledge abroad
  • Europe has stood up for and protected LGBT rights
  • Every country has a different story but a shared history!
  • It makes me proud
  • I share European values and philosophies
  • I didn’t chose where I was born, I can chose where I live. Europe is my home
  • The food I eat, the books I’ve read, the science and history I was taught. European. All of it
  • I believe in a borderless world where the place you were born doesn’t influence you for life. The EU 🇪🇺 is the first step towards that
  • Because it’s more not less
  • I'm a European because our history is intertwined and our future will always be to
  • I’m English with an Irish grandmother and a German grandfather. I want the next generation to have the same freedom to mix and match and love
  • I’m European because I have lived without restriction in multiple European countries for most of my adult life
  • Because of my family and our values
  • I believe Churchill was right.The EU is a force for peace and stability..has been for decades
  • Having children that were born and grew up in the UK and later studied, worked and settled down in three different EU countries
  • I am European because I live in England which is currently part of Europe, and I will be deeply upset if my European identity is taken from me
  • Humanity is at its best when we are working together
  • I love the freedom of movement and belonging to an organization that protects my rights and liberties. I sincerely hope Britain stays in
  • Because my family fought to free Europe
  • My wife, our children and I have dual citizenship. It would be so much better to have a European passport!
  • I have lived, worked and travelled on this most wonderful and diverse continent that has seen so much history, given so much to the world and come through many trials to become the largest free trade bloc in the world founded on peace, cooperation and security. I love it.
  • My heart leaps every time I cross the Channel and set foot on the mainland
  • The EU protects mine and my family’s rights
  • I have a German wife and a base in France and feel we are all stronger together as part of the most successful international co-operation movement in history
  • I have a wife who was born a German, we have a house in France, we believe in international;l and European co-operation as partners and we feel emotionally stronger as Europeans
  • I love the variety of cosmopolitan culture that freedom of movement brings
  • The short answer is that my mother was a Francophile because she was au pere to a French Family in 1918, when she was 19; and my father was an artist who loved France and Italy!