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We're putting Conservative MPs on notice

The government does not have a mandate to undercut our environmental standards in post-Brexit trade deals, writes Dominic Grieve.

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It is growing clearer by the day that this government does not have a mandate to undercut high environmental standards in any new trade deals.

Just five days ago, the European Movement published exclusive research showing that voters from all parties – and especially Conservative voters – want to make sure imported food is produced to the same environmental and animal welfare standards that we uphold in the UK[1].

We are putting Conservative MPs on notice that their constituents oppose any attempts to undercut the UK’s animal welfare and environmental standards.

Earlier this year, the Conservatives were beaten in Chesham & Amersham as a result of a mass haemorrhage of votes from its ‘Blue Wall’.

Now, the European Movement is focusing on Conservative MPs in the ‘Blue Wall’ and making clear that if they don’t act to protect UK standards, it could cost them votes at the next election. This includes:

  • Producing specialised digital adverts aimed at 44 Conservative MPs and building our movement in their constituencies;
  • Organising targeted actions during COP26 to put the government’s environmental credentials under the spotlight;
  • Focusing on high profile Conservatives in farming communities, including Environment Secretary George Eustice in Cornwall.

With this government mired in scandal there is every reason for Conservative MPs to consider our arguments, and our research has shown that it can make a real impact. We will spare no resources to make the biggest impact and ensure that the government changes course on this issue, but we need help from our supporters.

Please consider donating to help us fight for our environment in the government’s heartlands.

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