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19 Oct, 2019
Lord Heseltine speaks at the historic People's Vote March
We believe that only the British people are entitled to take the most important decision of modern times....
17 Oct, 2019
Lord Heseltine on Boris Johnson's Brexit deal
Lord Heseltine speaks out about Boris Johnson's Brexit deal, discussing the potential consequences of the deal and what he will do to stop it.
The Fightback Starts Here
03 Oct, 2019
Lord Michael Heseltine discusses how the fightback on Brexit starts here during his speech...
Lord Heseltine on Conservative party conference
29 Sep, 2019
European Movement President Michael Heseltine reflects on the Conservative party's annual conference.  Party conferences...
A Huge Victory for Democracy
24 Sep, 2019
Today the Supreme Court has ruled that Boris Johnson's suspension, or prorogation, is unlawful....
Operation Yellowhammer: The Consequences of a No Deal Brexit
12 Sep, 2019
The government's own research has revealed that the consequences of a No Deal Brexit...
The Time for Leadership is Now – Lord Michael Heseltine
11 Sep, 2019
Lord Michael Heseltine discusses how the time is right for political leadership on Brexit....
To Solve this Brexit Crisis, "MPs Must Look Beyond Career Ambitions or Party Interests"
09 Sep, 2019
Jo Swinson MP, leader of the Liberal Democrats, discusses why Brexit is bigger than...
Dominic Grieve MP: Why I Voted Against the Government
05 Sep, 2019
Dominic Grieve MP explains why he voted against the government to stop a No...
The State of Play of Brexit
02 Sep, 2019
"It's easy to understand why some in our movement are beginning to lose hope...