Boris Johnson’s No Deal Disaster

Boris Johnson’s government has forced the UK into a destructive No Deal Brexit. 

Despite having promised an “oven ready” deal in 2019 and having no democratic mandate for a No Deal outcome, his reckless posturing and strong-arm negotiation tactics have brought us to the point of disaster. 

This is a failure of Boris Johnson’s government. Everyone warned that in the middle of a pandemic and economic crisis, we cannot afford to face a No Deal crisis too. 

In September, the Government's own ‘Doomsday Document’ research revealed that a worst-case scenario of No Deal combined with a Covid-19 second wave...

The Government's own report said this worst-case scenario would lead to:

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Overwhelm our NHS, blocking our access to vital medical supplies and causing life-threatening shortages of equipment.
Devastate our economy during a recession, piling on tariffs and slashing trade to cause a “systemic economic crisis.”
Trigger chaos at the border leading to food, water, and fuel shortages.
Increase the likelihood of civil unrest and power shortages, leading to blackouts and potential rioting.

Make no mistake: this No Deal is a catastrophe. Right now, we need to highlight the sheer cost of this disaster and make sure that this government is held to account for its crash-out No Deal Brexit.

But this is not the end. There is no question but that we will have to negotiate for a better deal, and we know that a better relationship with Europe is possible. Let’s unite and fight for our future relationship with the European Union.

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