Save our Standards Declaration

Sign our declaration today and put on record your opposition to the Retained EU Law Bill. The Bill currently going through parliament would allow government ministers to scrap, amend, or retain over 3,800 laws derived from EU legislation. The Bill has within it, a deadline of the end of 2023 for decisions on legislation, meaning that some of the standards and regulations that we take for granted could fall off the cliff edge.

These standards and regulations are not simply red tape – they protect our environment, food quality, workers rights, and much more.

As a Member of Parliament, the European Movement, our members, and supporters are asking you to declare your intention to save our standards and call on the government to:

• Provide a legally binding guarantee that they won’t slash our standards or drop EU laws which positively builds on our established regulations and standards;

• Commit to retaining or improving key legislation on wildlife protection, animal welfare, employment rights, environmental protections, food standards;

• Engage openly and transparently with third-sector organisations that are raising concerns about the implications of divergence in these areas, and;

• Remove clauses that allow Ministers to change the law without adequate democratic and parliamentary scrutiny.

Sign the declaration
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