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Formerly: Labour’s Leader in EurParliament. Yorks&Humber MEP|NEC |ShadowCabinet. Currently: FRSA|GMB|EM|LME|HonPres of @GrimethorpeBand. Always: Labour|🇪🇺|LFC

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Put It To The People
28 Mar, 2019
On Saturday 23 March, I joined well over one million others to call for...
The latest Brexit blind alley: “mutual recognition” and “equivalence”
14 Mar, 2018
It is becoming increasingly clear that while Theresa May’s Mansion House speech may have applied some...
Losing control of our money, borders, laws and trade
14 Feb, 2018
Brexit supporters are organised and disciplined in their constantly repeated sound-bites. Almost every day...
Transition or extension? One of several unlikely but possible scenarios
06 Feb, 2018
The realisation that any post-Brexit transition period will leave the UK still subject to...
Brexit and Young People
14 Jan, 2018
The age demographics of the Brexit vote in June 2016 are well-known: around 73%...
Confusion and Delusion
05 Dec, 2017
Yesterday morning, briefings from both sides in the Brexit negotiations were confidently looking forward to announcing...
UK not eligible to host European Capital of Culture 2023
28 Nov, 2017
I am disappointed for all those who have worked hard in Leeds, and the...
Brexit and Agriculture 3: Growing Concerns
28 Nov, 2017
I was delighted to be invited to speak at the Brexit and Agriculture event...
Why the Tories are terrified of releasing the Brexit impact papers
07 Nov, 2017
If Brexit is going to be so great, why have so many Brexiters been...
No Brexit problem at Irish border, IF you have…
07 Nov, 2017
It is possible to maintain an “invisible border” in Ireland after Brexit, says the...
Bespoke Deals? Get out of your Silo!
24 Oct, 2017
Besides collectively asking for a Brexit transition period, industries are also looking at what...
Brexit and Pharmaceuticals: Access to Medicine
16 Oct, 2017
A sector that doesn’t raise its voice in public (for fear of annoying ministers)...
No Deal? Nonsense
16 Oct, 2017
The idea that, in order to strengthen its position in the Brexit negotiations, Britain...
Brexit and Transport: Going nowhere fast
03 Oct, 2017
Officials in the transport sector – the people who keep the British economy moving...
May's Fudge in Florence
23 Sep, 2017
What a hullabaloo!
Brexit and the European Investment Bank
18 Sep, 2017
The European Investment Bank (EIB) is the world’s largest international public lending institution. It...
Brexit and Chemicals: A Chain Reaction
04 Sep, 2017
The UK chemicals sector is vitally important to the UK economy, making up to...
Dispelling Roger Bootle's Euromyths
31 Aug, 2017
Last week, economist Roger Bootle wrote a piece for The Telegraph entitled We cannot be...
What the single market actually is – and what will happen if we leave it
07 Aug, 2017
The debate about continued British membership of the single European market is often confused,...
Theresa May's annual RevEUw
22 Jul, 2017
After one calamitous year, one snap general election and a one billion pound windfall...
Brexit and Citizens’ rights: The devil is in the detail
05 Jul, 2017
What happens to EU citizens’ rights – of EU citizens here and Brits in...
After a year, we are still no clearer
03 Jul, 2017
Negotiations formally start today. The EU envisages around 22 four-week cycles to the negotiations...
What does the election result mean for Brexit?
12 Jun, 2017
It certainly makes things more complex!
Theresa in Wonderland
01 Jun, 2017
A few weeks ago I wrote about the utter foolishness of Theresa May’s mantra,...
UK Agriculture faces huge challenges from Brexit. Why aren’t the Leavers listening?
26 May, 2017
Just before Parliament was dissolved for the general election, the House of Lords published...
Brexit and the Environment
19 May, 2017
One of the most important issues in the Brexit debate is the environment, but...
Does Britain face a Brexit blackout?
10 May, 2017
Since the government confirmed that it wants Britain to leave Euratom as well as...
Things are far from settled
04 Jul, 2016
On the face of it, it’s clear. The referendum decided that Britain should leave...
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