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  • The Brexit Effect: "We couldn’t ship anything to the EU."

    Public opinion is shifting, and the media are starting to talk seriously about how badly Brexit is affecting the UK economy. 

    With over 4 million views already, the new film from the FT – The Brexit effect: how leaving the EU hit the UK – is a landmark investigation into how Brexit has affected the UK economy. This in-depth film demonstrates just how badly Brexit is hurting the UK economy.  

    “Six years after the UK voted to leave,” writes the FT, “the effect has become clear. In this film, senior FT writers and British businesspeople examine how Brexit hit the UK economy, the political conspiracy of silence, and why there has not yet been a convincing case for a 'Brexit dividend'.” 

    In the film, the FT examines how Brexit hit wages, made imports more expensive and, as exports didn’t become more price competitive, “The immediate cost (of Brexit) was about £870 per household.” All whilst “Business investment has been growing in all G7 countries, except in the UK.” 

    On top of this, Brits now have the worst access to healthcare in Europe and the UK is forecast to have the lowest economic growth of any major economy aside from Russia

    This is why we are ramping-up our efforts to reverse the calamity of Brexit and rebuild the UK’s economy through restoring our relationship with Europe. Step-by-step we will make this happen. 

    In the film, we hear from numerous small business-owners whose companies have been severely impacted by Brexit – such as husband and wife team Rob and Vicky Walker (co-founders of Little Star Jewellery) and Kiran Tawadey (founder of Hampstead Tea Company).  

    Kiran told of how “The reality was that January to June (2021) we couldn’t ship anything to the EU, nothing... and we were treated as a third country.” 

    Whilst Vicky spoke about “We were doing really well in The Netherlands and in Spain. All of that has just disappeared.” 

    With the reality that the ‘Majority of Brits now regret Brexit’, now – more than ever - we want to hear from you.

    We are working step-by-step to reverse the calamity of Brexit and campaigning for the UK to rejoin the EU when the political conditions are right. We are strictly cross-party and represent voices from across the political spectrum. As such, testimonials are crucial to shaping our campaign work. 

    Do you have a similar story? If so, get in touch and let us know your Brexit story at [email protected]. Your words help to build a more accurate picture of how Brexit is affecting the UK, sector by sector, region by region and home by home.  

    This way we can keep bringing together the evidence that Brexit isn't working. 

    Only together can we reverse this calamity. 

  • The Brexit deal makes one thing clear – debate over our relationship with the EU is not over

    That debate will throw up the same question of how a deepened relationship can be created and maintained.

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  • Together we stood up against this bad Brexit

    Today the historic Brexit deal was voted on in Parliament, and together we stood up against this bad Brexit. Thousands of you wrote to your MPs, leaders in the European Movement called for MPs to refuse to endorse this catastrophic deal, and I was one of the MPs who stood with you and refused to endorse this deal.

    We knew that Boris Johnson would get his deal through the Commons. But I believe, along with over 100 of my colleagues, that this deal should not be endorsed by anyone who believes Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal is bad for the UK.

    In the end, 52 MPs abstained and 73 MPs voted against the deal.

    The European Movement UK will continue to hold the Government to account for the harm this deal will do to the UK. It was a political choice this government made, and they alone should take full responsibility.

    But far from being defeated by the Government’s bad deal for the UK, we recognise that this is the start of a new phase in our relationship with Europe. We will pull together and fight for our future relationship with the EU.

    Thank you so much to all European Movement UK members and supporters who stood with me and other MPs as we stood against Boris Johnson’s Bad Deal for Britain.

    Stephen Farry, MP for North Down

    This is just the start. The European Movement will be holding the government to account for this thin Brexit deal as its impacts unfold. Chip in and help us hold the government to account for its disastrous deal.



  • Do not endorse this bad deal

    Brexit Deal is a Bad Deal for Britain

    European Movement leaders Heseltine, Dorrell & Adonis urge MPs and Peers not to endorse a bad deal


    Jointly commenting on the UK’s trade deal, European Movement Chair Stephen Dorrell and Vice Chair, Lord Adonis said: 

    “The Government has avoided no deal, but we should be under no illusions: this Brexit deal is a bad deal for Britain.

    “We call on all opposition voices, including any Conservatives who put country before party, to refuse to endorse the Government’s deal. The Government will get its deal through the Commons - there is no doubt about that - but no MP who believes Boris Johnson’s Brexit is bad for Britain should lend their name to it. 

    “This deal bears no resemblance to what was promised; it damages Britain's economy, jobs, security, trade in vital goods and the respect with which the UK is held and opponents of the deal should not allow themselves to be held responsible for its consequences. The only people who should vote for this deal are those who are willing to accept responsibility for its consequences.

    “Today marks a nadir in our relationship with our European neighbours. The job of building back what we’ve lost, brick by brick, needs to begin now and we at the European Movement stand ready to lead that fight. But our task will be made harder still if those who know a better deal is possible choose to endorse what is clearly a bad deal for Britain.”


    Commenting on the UK’s trade deal with the EU, European Movement President,   

    Lord Heseltine, said: 

    “We deplore the United Kingdom's decision to sever its connection with the European Union.  It will diminish our influence within our own continent, prejudice our reputation on the world stage and undermine our economic strengths as a gateway to one of the world's largest regional economies.  We remain committed to its vision and to the restoration of this country's participation in it.

    “The Government has an electoral mandate and I will not vote against consequential legislation if that might lead to the even worse consequence of a 'No Deal' rupture.  I make clear, however, that I and the European Movement will in no way share in the endorsement of legislation that will do lasting damage to our country's strategic, political and economic interests.”


    We hold this government, and this government alone, responsible for this terrible deal. Opposition MPs must refuse to endorse it and lay the blame squarely at the door of this government. 

    Will you write to your Opposition MP and ask them not to endorse this bad deal?


    If you have a Conservative MP, you can still use this tool to ask them about the impact of this deal in your local community.