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  • Europe Day: "Brexit can't take this away from us"

    To mark this year's Europe Day, we spoke with people around the country about why - despite Brexit - they are still European.

    Sally, a European Movement member, took time out to speak to us about why she believes that the UK will one day return to its place at the heart of Europe.

    "When my mother fled to the UK from Germany," Sally told us, "she was welcomed and given the opportunity to build a life here. She took this country into her heart, starting a family and giving decades of service to the NHS.

    "There are so many more stories like mine, of families, relationships and careers that have been able to flourish thanks to the openness between Britain and the rest of Europe. We can't and won't let Brexit take all this away from us. I believe in taking down walls, not putting them up.

    "I know there are hundreds of thousands more people, up and down the country, who still hold strong to European values and believe in friendship and cooperation across borders."

    Watch her story here:

    Another one of those stories is the story of Gui and Leo, two Portuguese citizens living in the UK, who had to overcome the difficulties and fears of Brexit to be together.

    "I thought it was really a more progressive country and open," said Gui, "and Brexit made me think it's more closed. If we have a family and our kids want to move or study abroad, then this is something we will really have to think about."

    "It made me think that maybe we are not welcome here," Leo added, "We want to keep dreaming."

    "It's insane, how many cultures you have here in the UK. What European Movement is doing is really important for British and European society."

    Watch their story in full here:

    So this Europe Day, let's celebrate our European identity together.

    If you have a European Movement pin badge, wear it proudly. Share why you're #StillEuropean on social media, or by starting a conversation with people you meet today.

  • The future of Europe is up to you

    Richard Morris, Member of the European Movement National Executive and European Movement International Board Member, discusses how you can take part in the Conference on the Future of Europe - and why it is so important.

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  • European Movement Conference 2021: A View from Wales

    Helen Wales, Chair of Wales for Europe, hosted a fringe discussion at the European Movement's Virtual Conference 2021 entitled, The Future of two Unions: a view from Wales.

    Wales reports on the panel, what we learned, and what we can take from it going forward. 

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  • Building bridges: Ireland and the future EU-UK relationship

    Keynote speaker at the recent European Movement UK Conference, Noelle O'Connell, CEO of European Movement Ireland and Vice-President of European Movement International, writes about the need to build bridges and maintain the closest relationships and cooperation between Ireland, the UK and EU.

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  • ‘Urgent need for us to rebuild bridges with our European neighbours’; European Movement conference sets out how

    At Saturday’s European Movement conference, politicians and industry leaders highlighted serious issues with the government’s Brexit deal and put forward workable solutions to the problems for trade across the UK border.

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  • For music and the arts, when the pandemic is over, the real problems of touring the EU post-Brexit will begin

    Award-winning composer Howard Goodall, actor and musician Jess Murphy and theatre director and writer Jonathan Holloway called on the government to urgently address the problems Brexit has caused for the creative arts, speaking at the European Movement conference today.

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  • Lord Adonis elected new Chair of European Movement UK

    The European Movement UK is pleased to announce that former Labour cabinet minister and head of the No 10 Policy Unit, Lord Andrew Adonis, is the new chair of European Movement UK. 

    The European Movement's members are fighting for our relationship with Europe, will you join them?


    Paul Lomas, Chair of the Nominations Committee, said: “The European Movement is delighted that Andrew has been elected as the next Chair.

    “We conducted a wide and open search process which led to a slate of exceptional candidates. We were enormously encouraged by the depth of support for the Movement across a wide range of senior and highly qualified people. Three outstanding candidates were put forward to the National Council for election.   

    “Andrew has exceptional experience, skills and public recognition. We are confident that, under his leadership, we can accelerate our recent outstanding membership growth and substantially move the opinion of the British people, and in Westminster, even further in favour of the UK resuming its natural place at the heart of Europe.


    Andrew Adonis, chair of European Movement UK, said: It is an honour and a challenge to become chair of the European Movement at this time of crisis in Britain’s relations with Europe. Churchill founded the European Movement to bring Britain and continental Europe closer together - socially, economically and politically - after the horrors of the Second World War and the Holocaust. We have a duty to seek to do the same again after the experience of COVID19 and Brexit, faced with the twin emergencies of climate change and a global slump.

    “We will campaign strongly to put right the immediate failings of Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal, including the lack of automatic EU work visas for artists, musicians, engineers and architects; the absence of EU market access for our huge financial and business services industries; and the end of our membership of the Erasmus scheme for student exchanges. Millions are affected and we need to change these damaging policies as soon as possible, which almost no one voted for as part of Brexit.” 


    Ahead of Building Bridges Conference

    The appointment follows the decision by the Rt Hon Stephen Dorrell to step back from the position of chair at the movement’s annual general meeting in November 2020. The Movement wants publicly to thank Stephen for all that it has achieved under his adroit leadership and guidance over the past few traumatic years.

    Andrew Adonis’s appointment takes place at an exciting time for European Movement UK, ahead of their ‘Building Bridges, Not Barriers’ conference,’ which will bring together politicians, high profile campaigners and thousands of activists at the end of March to forge a path back to Europe together.    


    Three new members co-opted onto the National Executive Committee

    The co-option of three new members of European Movement UK’s National Executive Committee was also approved by the National Council on Saturday. Former MEPs Molly Scott-Cato and Sajjad Karim, and European Movement UK activist Jane Thomas, will join the board from March.

    Anna Bird, Chief Executive of European Movement UK, said: Molly, Saj and Jane are great new appointments to the National Executive, and bring a wealth of pro-European campaigning experience. They will help us in modernising European Movement UK as we seek to build a more diverse, plural movement that better represents our communities and our country. 


    Meet the newest members of our National Executive Committee

    Find out a little more about the members elected and co-opted last night:

    • Lord Andrew Adonis iformer Labour cabinet minister and ex-head of the No 10 Policy UnitHe is also a former chair of the National Infrastructure Commission, the Institute for Public Policy Research, and the social worker recruitment charity Frontline. Andrew Adonis is a vocal and prominent pro-European, and one of the most forensic opponents of Brexit in parliament. He is a former Vice-Chair of European Movement UK.
    • Molly Scott Cato was formerly Green MEP for South West England, and is the Green Party spokesperson on Finance and on Brexit. She is a leading pro-European voice in the Green Party and a long-standing pro-EU campaigner. Molly Scott Cato works as a Professor of Green Economics at the University of Roehampton.
    • Sajjad Karim was MEP for North-West England from 2004-2007, for the Liberal Democrats, and then the Conservatives 2007-2019. He was Group Spokesman to the WTO and for Legal Affairs. He is a pro-EU campaigner, previous Chair of Conservatives for a People's Vote and current Chair of Trade in the Conservative European Forum. Sajjad Karim is the CEO of Haider Global BVBA and Senior Director at Euros/Agency Group. He is a former senior partner at Marsden’s Solicitors and was previously a member of The Law Society’s Equal Opportunities Committee.
    • Jane Thomas is a European Movement UK activist who ran the Remain campaign for the 2016 referendum in Sheffield and helped to establish Sheffield for Europe. Jane Thomas is a former university lecturer in British and American politics, a member of the Labour Party, former parliamentary candidate and ex-member of Labour’s National Policy Forum and Yorkshire Regional Board. Jane Thomas helped to establish and then coordinated the Brexit Civil Society Alliance.   


    Join the new Chair at their first event, the 2021 European Movement Virtual Conference: