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  • The Doomsday Predictions of a No Deal Brexit

    Over the weekend a document containing the government’s own predictions of the worst case of a No Deal Brexit coinciding with the second wave of coronavirus was leaked. Here are just some of the catastrophic consequences that the government predicts:

    • A “Systemic economic crisis” creating mass unemployment, price increases, and shortages. They predict that this will hit the poorest the hardest.
    • Blockages at the border threatening supplies of food and fuel, and could even lead to water rationing and power cuts.
    • Crucially during a second wave border queues could lead to medical shortages

    The document predicts such an extensive list of possible horrors that we couldn’t list all of them here.

    This leak comes just days after Michel Barnier announced that there is a high chance that the negotiations could end in a No Deal and as scientists warn of a second coronavirus wave. This report may outline the worst case, but as we hurtle towards a No Deal Brexit it cannot be denied that this is a very real possibility.

    At the European Movement, we will be working to ensure that this government does the right thing, and puts the national interest before senseless ideology. A No Deal Brexit is not a viable option, especially in the current circumstances, and it is time that Boris Johnson’s government takes this risk seriously.

    We have stopped a No Deal Brexit before, and this time we want to have an even bigger Movement behind us standing against the senseless self-harm of No Deal. Please join the movement, and be a part of stopping the threat of No Deal once and for all:


    When we speak with one voice, we can defend our European values.