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Graham Bishop
14 Feb, 2020
Negotiating with a bloc seven times your size: Clash no 1 - Financial Services
The UK has the same rules as the EU right now – but EU rules are evolving continuously under the...
Graham Bishop
27 Jan, 2020
Conference on the Future of Europe
As I was in Brussels for business, I was able to pop in to the European Movement International’s (EMI) meeting...
Andrew Adonis Speaks to Local Group Tees4Europe
Scott hunter - 25 Sep, 2019
Tees4Europe Chair Scott Hunter reflects on Andrew Adonis visiting his group, and how the group's youngest...
1066 Branch attends No to Boris. Yes to Europe demo
Graham Bishop - 26 Jul, 2019
Despite some awful weather forecasts in the preceding days and the start of the...
European Movement Eastbourne: July Dinner
Brian Scrafton - 23 Jul, 2019
Eastbourne European Movement Dinner July 2019 Clive Black was the speaker at our July...
Update from European Movement Eastbourne
EU Mvmt Eastbourne - 10 Jul, 2019
  Tim Bale, Professor of Politics, Queen Mary University of London, was the speaker...
The View from Bexhill
Graham Bishop - 28 Jun, 2019
Councillor Richard Thomas shares his experience of campaigning with the 1066 European Movement Branch...
Views from Brussels about extending the 31 Oct deadline – we must make our voice heard
Graham Bishop - 22 Jun, 2019
In Brussels this week to attend the 40th anniversary of the Kangaroo Group –...
Dunkirk Spirit
John Bland - 05 Jun, 2019
This week sees the 79th anniversary of the evacuation of 338,226 servicemen forming the...
How useful were the polls?
Michael Romberg - 04 Jun, 2019
The polls failed to spot rising pro-Remain sentiment in May London4Europe Committee member Michael...