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The Wall
Graham Bishop
28 Jun, 2019
The View from Bexhill
Councillor Richard Thomas shares his experience of campaigning with the 1066 European Movement Branch in Bexhill.
Graham B Bishop
22 Jun, 2019
Views from Brussels about extending the 31 Oct deadline – we must make our voice heard
In Brussels this week to attend the 40th anniversary of the Kangaroo Group – founded to provide the initial...
Dunkirk Spirit
John Bland - 05 Jun, 2019
This week sees the 79th anniversary of the evacuation of 338,226 servicemen forming the...
How useful were the polls?
Michael Romberg - 04 Jun, 2019
The polls failed to spot rising pro-Remain sentiment in May London4Europe Committee member Michael...
Reasons to remain in the European Union
Lucia Palmer - 20 May, 2019
1) The EU is history's most successful peace project The EU was created to...
Being European
Ann Lawson Lucas - 17 May, 2019
Travelling with my parents from the age of 10, at first in France, was...
What Europe Day means to me
David Woodhead - 16 May, 2019
To me, Europe Day represents something unique in the history of our continent -...
Why Europe matters to me
Huw Jones - 15 May, 2019
I was born in 1951, soon enough after the war to experience the black...
What Europe Day means to European Movement members
European Movement Uk - 14 May, 2019
At European Movement, on Europe Day (9th May), we asked our members to let...
Your local paper wants to hear from you
Michael Romberg - 02 May, 2019
First Epping Forest, then the world London4Europe Committee Member Michael Romberg writes. London4Europe's Chair,...