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London4Europe #Fbpe
01 Feb, 2019
Addressing skills shortages critical to the future of UK science
The UK must plug science skills gaps to maintain its world-leading position for medicines and vaccines research and development. The...
London4Europe #Fbpe
01 Feb, 2019
Unintended consequences
Migration has sustained the UK's old age dependency ratio. Without new immigration to boost the proportion of working age adults...
Complacency is our Worst Enemy
Helen Rennie-Smith - 25 Jan, 2019
Something very disturbing happened in Britain in 2016. The referendum seems to have become...
The importance of getting involved with your local group
Brigid Gardner - 25 Jan, 2019
But what can I do?So, you've written to your MP several times and now...
To Believe in the EU is to Take Pride in British Accomplishments
Sandhya Murthy - 18 Jan, 2019
I’ve always been a patriotic person. I love my country and I’m very proud...
Speaking up for the NHS
Tom Dolphin - 17 Jan, 2019
January 15th was a remarkable night in politics. A crowd of thousands had gathered...
A meeting on Brexit with my local MP
Adrian Waite - 14 Jan, 2019
Last month, I attended a ‘Brexit’ meeting called by my MP, Rory Stewart (Conservative)....
The truth is out there..
John Logan - 08 Jan, 2019
Fans of American TV series ‘The X Files’ will know that however apparently inexplicable...
From apathy to volunteering for the People's Vote campaign
William Finlator - 08 Jan, 2019
In 2016, when the referendum came and went, I remember being captivated. I supported...
Why Brexit is a health risk
Tom Dolphin - 07 Jan, 2019
As a doctor working in the NHS, I believe that Brexit is a health...