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Sandhya Murthy
07 Jan, 2019
How to convince your MP to support the People’s Vote (and why you should try)
I’ve been volunteering for the People’s Vote campaign and the hardest time I have is not with people who oppose...
Sandhya Murthy
07 Jan, 2019
The EU: Peace, Co-operation and Equality
One thing that is frequently missing from our discussions of the EU is how very popular an institution it is...
Women aren't buying Brexit
Women4Europe #StopBrexit #StopTheCoup #Resist - 13 Dec, 2018
Women aren’t buying Brexit for a very simple reason : they understand Brexit in...
Why I support the People’s Vote Campaign: Love and Legislation
Sandhya Murthy - 07 Dec, 2018
I have three big reasons why I support the People’s Vote Campaign. Love, Legislation...
Why my MP should support a People's Vote
Adrian Waite - 06 Dec, 2018
I think there are three reasons why my MP should support a People’s Vote...
The Conservative Party's history with Europe
Adrian Waite - 06 Dec, 2018
I have been studying the history of the Conservative Party and its attitude to...
The problem with the New World Order that Brexiteers desire
Adrian Waite - 05 Dec, 2018
Recently, Brexiteers such as Jacob Rees-Mogg have described the post-war capitalist system in Europe,...
The issues with trading on WTO rules
Graham Bishop Bishop - 28 Nov, 2018
Support in Parliament for the Brexiteers’ call to “crash out of the EU and...
No plan - no mandate
London4Europe #Fbpe - 28 Nov, 2018
Leavers argue that Remainers don’t respect democracy. We argue Leavers never had an agreed...
European values and the People's Vote campaign - why I joined European Movement
Adrian Waite - 28 Nov, 2018
I wasn’t old enough to vote in the European Union referendum of 1975. I...