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London4Europe #Fbpe
28 Nov, 2018
No plan - no mandate
Leavers argue that Remainers don’t respect democracy. We argue Leavers never had an agreed Plan and the Government doesn’t have...
Adrian Waite
28 Nov, 2018
European values and the People's Vote campaign - why I joined European Movement
I wasn’t old enough to vote in the European Union referendum of 1975. I was fifteen. But I did know...
Lest we forget - why I joined the European Movement
Kevin Sullivan - 26 Nov, 2018
The case for a strong democratic Europe is compelling. Yet the vote for Brexit...
Vaughan Thomas's perspective on Brexit
Vaughan Thomas - 22 Nov, 2018
Brexit is like a sulking teenager locking themselves in their room. And this time...
The Case for a People's Vote
Dave Rowen - 21 Nov, 2018
We read daily of what leaving the EU will mean, could mean, might mean,...
100 Years on – the End of Part One of the Thirty Years War
Graham B Bishop - 11 Nov, 2018
Today, Europe commemorates the end of the First World War with the signing of...
We're Stopping Brexit
European Movement in Wandsworth Merton - 02 Nov, 2018
"About a year ago I was asked to start the Wandsworth Branch of the...
Ealing European Movement surveys local businesses on Brexit impacts
Ealing European Movement #Fbpe - 01 Nov, 2018
On the 1st November 2018, the Ealing European Movement launched Ealing's largest survey on...
Why I, as an EU citizen, want a People’s Vote – and why I decided to join the team making it happen
MacKenzie Horn - 31 Oct, 2018
"When I first moved to Britain from the United States four years ago, I...
Why I became a European Movement Member
Glynis Cousin - 31 Oct, 2018
"I have joined European Movement for two key reasons. First our future is strengthened...