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The Wall
We have put up The Wall for you to write on. Unlike all physical walls, this will never be a barrier: it is a bridge.
Graham Bishop
08 Nov, 2017
Brexit Transition – is there a Plan B?
Time is not on the UK’s side in these negotiations: The latest ONS annual Pink Book on the UK’s balance...
Richard Corbett
07 Nov, 2017
Why the Tories are terrified of releasing the Brexit impact papers
If Brexit is going to be so great, why have so many Brexiters been opposed to the government releasing its...
No Brexit problem at Irish border, IF you have…
Richard Corbett - 07 Nov, 2017
It is possible to maintain an “invisible border” in Ireland after Brexit, says the...
The devastating impact of losing freedom of movement - a musician's perspective
Anneke Scott - 31 Oct, 2017
I am a freelance classical musician. My work takes me all over the globe...
Bespoke Deals? Get out of your Silo!
Richard Corbett - 24 Oct, 2017
Besides collectively asking for a Brexit transition period, industries are also looking at what...
How to stop Brexit (and make Britain Great again)
Graham Bishop - 19 Oct, 2017
Former Liberal Democrat Leader and Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has written a book...
A Brexit behind closed doors means a written constitution is more urgent than ever
Alexandra Runswick - 16 Oct, 2017
Brexit is widening the fault lines in the UK’s political settlement, which is built...
Brexit and Pharmaceuticals: Access to Medicine
Richard Corbett - 16 Oct, 2017
A sector that doesn’t raise its voice in public (for fear of annoying ministers)...
No Deal? Nonsense
Richard Corbett - 16 Oct, 2017
The idea that, in order to strengthen its position in the Brexit negotiations, Britain...
Brexit and Transport: Going nowhere fast
Richard Corbett - 03 Oct, 2017
Officials in the transport sector – the people who keep the British economy moving...