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The Wall
We have put up The Wall for you to write on. Unlike all physical walls, this will never be a barrier: it is a bridge.
Brendan Donnelly
06 Dec, 2017
Ulster and Brexit: The Shape of Things to Come
Even during the European referendum last year it was clear that those who wished the UK to leave the European...
Richard Corbett
05 Dec, 2017
Confusion and Delusion
Yesterday morning, briefings from both sides in the Brexit negotiations were confidently looking forward to announcing a deal on the phase 1...
UK not eligible to host European Capital of Culture 2023
Richard Corbett - 28 Nov, 2017
I am disappointed for all those who have worked hard in Leeds, and the...
Brexit and Agriculture 3: Growing Concerns
Richard Corbett - 28 Nov, 2017
I was delighted to be invited to speak at the Brexit and Agriculture event...
'Hard Brexit or No Brexit?' That is the question
Brendan Donnelly - 13 Nov, 2017
In his recent testimony to the House of Lords, Sir Ivan Rogers, former British...
Brexit Transition – is there a Plan B?
Graham Bishop - 08 Nov, 2017
Time is not on the UK’s side in these negotiations: The latest ONS annual...
Why the Tories are terrified of releasing the Brexit impact papers
Richard Corbett - 07 Nov, 2017
If Brexit is going to be so great, why have so many Brexiters been...
No Brexit problem at Irish border, IF you have…
Richard Corbett - 07 Nov, 2017
It is possible to maintain an “invisible border” in Ireland after Brexit, says the...
The devastating impact of losing freedom of movement - a musician's perspective
Anneke Scott - 31 Oct, 2017
I am a freelance classical musician. My work takes me all over the globe...
Bespoke Deals? Get out of your Silo!
Richard Corbett - 24 Oct, 2017
Besides collectively asking for a Brexit transition period, industries are also looking at what...