Boris Johnson and his government cannot pretend to get to grips with this very cost-of-living crisis whilst doubling down on legislation that will make this hard Brexit even harder.

The Queen's Speech confirms what we all feared: Boris is hell-bent on ignoring all the warning signs. It is the great conspiracy that we have been warned about. A conspiracy based on silence of anything to do with the calamity of Brexit.

Politicians, business leaders, and journalists are silent on the damage being done by Brexit. So, we will say it for them.

There is nothing "free" about this Freedoms Bill. It strips back laws and rights we have fought for over generations. Boris Johnson's government is using a 6-year-old, wafer-thin majority to push an ideology that no one voted for.

Then, during the biggest cost-of-living crisis, we have faced in over 50 years, he declares a trade war with the EU, obliterating our relationship with our neighbours at a pivotal time for the future of peace in Europe.

It's time to break the silence and tell Boris Johnson loud and clear that he must stop his trade war with Europe if he is serious about addressing the cost-of-living crisis.

This Queen's Speech will make life harder for people up and down the country. Sign our petition now and send a clear message to Boris Johnson's government that addressing the cost-of-living crisis and carrying on with his botched Brexit are not compatible.

He must stop his trade war with Europe.

Will you sign?

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