"We need to talk about Brexit" - the new film from the Financial Times

Published on April 03, 2024

Yesterday, the Financial Times released their latest film, We need to talk about Brexit. 

By looking at the UK’s trade data and speaking to small business owners, financial experts such as Shevaun Haviland and even former CEO of Vote Leave, Matthew Elliott, the film explores what is an essential question in this general election year: Why is Brexit not on the political agenda?

Both Rishi Sunak and Keir Starmer declined to take part in the FT’s film. This says a lot.

It tells is that, despite the soaring ‘bregret’ amongst Leave voters, the major parties in England and Wales still do not want to talk about Brexit. Even when there are so many opportunities for us to start improving relations with Europe, right now – on regulations, on trade, on education, and more. But while this political impasse continues, progress is limited. 

And this is where our movement comes in. We must continue to fight to get Brexit and the impact of leaving the EU on the political agenda.  

This movement is powerful because of our many voices and opinions so watch the video herethen tell us what you think: Do you think any major political parties are giving Brexit the attention it deserves?

(Note: the image in the thumbnail of this article is courtesy of the Financial Times.)

Help us put Europe on the political agenda before the general election

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