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You Said, We Did (archive)

Archive of entries

As a grassroots-led organisation, our members and our local activists are at the heart of everything we do.

We regularly receive suggestions from our members and local activists and, while we are unable to implement every suggestion we receive, where a suggestion will help drive our organisation and the wider movement forward then we will do what we can to implement it as part of our You Said, We Did campaign.

This page contains an archive of older entries from our You Said, We Did campaign so that you can see some of the ideas that have been adopted in the past.

To read more about You Said We Did, or to read the latest entries which are not yet shown on this page, please click here.

Campaigns Team

You Said:

Local groups told us that they would like a greater say over the direction of our campaigns, to help feed local knowledge into national decision making.

We did:

We have established the Campaigns Team which will meet regularly to harness skills and ideas f...

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