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Representation on elected bodies

Representation on elected bodies

You said...

You said that the EM's elected bodies needed to better represent the diverse population of the UK.

We did...

Diversity and inclusion are very important to the European Movement UK, and at the time of writing (01 Feb 2021) the team in the office has 50/50 gender balance and a range of ages, ethnicities, and sexual orientations are represented among the staff.

However, this was unfortunately not replicated within the most recently elected Executive Committee and National Councils.

At the 2020 AGM of the European Movement UK, a proposal to address this was approved by members of the movement.

The proposal calls for the Executive Committee to have the power to co-opt up to three additional members at any time to maximise its diversity and representation. At least two of the co-opted people should be women, and at least one should be from the BAME community.

In addition, a working group will be set up to create a set of proposals on how to maximise the diversity of both the European Movement's elected bodies, and our movement as a whole. These proposals will be presented at the 2021 AGM of the European Movement.