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For 75 years, the European Movement UK has been upholding the vision of cooperation and unity with our friends in Europe.

Founded after the war with the help of Winston Churchill, Duncan Sandys and others, this organisation has been constant in making the case that collaboration is more powerful than isolation.

Since we left the EU, our mission is clearer and more important than ever before. Your donation will help power this campaign into the future, as we work to undo the damage of Brexit and reclaim our place at the European table.

Every donation makes a huge difference to the work we do. Here are some examples of our latest work:

• NHS Brexit Dead Ringer - A wide reaching campaign highlighting the damage done to the NHS by Brexit

• Business Impact Survey - interviewing businesses across the UK to assess how they've been impacted by Brexit

• Political Party Conferences - attend political party conferences across the UK to host events, to put pressure on MPs and party members to address Brexit issues

Monthly members are at the heart of our movement. As a member of the European Movement UK, you'll be an integral part of the campaign to take us back into Europe. You'll also receive exclusive member benefits such as priority access to our events, and the latest updates about Brexit every week. To become a member click here.

Any donation you can afford will make a huge difference.

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