About - European Movement
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About the European Movement

The European Movement UK is a cross-party organisation working to build closer relationships with the EU that we believe will benefit our country. We are powered by more than 12,000 members, some 160,000 supporters, 123 local groups, and our strong networks in Westminster and communities throughout the UK.

For more than 70 years, the European Movement has worked to build a closer relationship with the rest of Europe. The countries of the European Union, with whom we share both deeply held values and a common history, are our closest neighbours and natural trading and cultural partners.


Building back better

Brexit was a historic, national mistake.  UK interests, and that close relationship, are best achieved by UK membership of the European Union.  The European Movement will fight to rejoin the EU as soon as it is politically possible.

The road forward starts with campaigning to improve the current deal. We will work to rebuild our relationship ‘brick by brick’, where there is clear evidence that closer cooperation with the EU will benefit the UK’s economy, our citizens, culture and international prestige.  As we do so, we will seek to build new support for Europe in Westminster and among the UK public.

Returning to the heart of Europe

We are investing to grow the Movement’s size, strength and influence to deliver on our aim to return the UK to the heart of Europe. But we cannot achieve our mission alone: we are committed to working with and learning from others that share our objectives.


Join us. We embrace our European identity. We value the economic, cultural and personal benefits that have been our birth right for nearly 50 years through EU membership. We campaign for better access to the rest of Europe and to preserve our European values.

Join because you, like us, want the best possible future for the UK.