About - European Movement
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About the European Movement

The European Movement is the UK’s largest pro-European Network.

Who we are

We are a grassroots organisation, with a community of tens of thousands of activists and 126 local groups across every nation and region of the UK.

We are an independent all-party pressure group campaigning for a close relationship with European Union, and to ensure that European values, standards, and rights are upheld in British law post-Brexit.


70 years of campaigning

The European Movement was founded 70 years ago by Winston Churchill as an international movement that exists to promote European values of peace, prosperity, and international cooperation.

Following the 2016 referendum, the European Movement UK campaigned in coalition with other pro-European campaign groups as a founding member of the People's Vote campaign.


The world is changing and we are changing with it...

In a post-Brexit world with a weakened and divided opposition, we are playing the vital role of holding the government to account, particularly in regards to Brexit. Furthermore, we are campaigning for European progressive values in the face of the strengthening far-right.


Join the European Movement today to fight for our relationship with Europe, and to ensure that European values, standards, and rights are upheld in Britain.