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12 Jan, 2022
The Brexit fantasy was never deliverable – voters fell for a confidence trick [Independent]
Written by Rt. Hon. Lord Michael Heseltine, President of European Movement UK
11 Dec, 2021
Letter from Keith Best, European Movement Secretary
Written by Keith Best, who is Secretary of the European Movement UK.  
European Movement UK announce partnership with European Movement in Scotland
25 Nov, 2021
The European Movement UK is delighted to announce the creation of a new partnership...
Exclusive polling shows Britons back BANNING food that falls short of UK standards
07 Nov, 2021
New headache for Boris Johnson: Exclusive polling from the European Movement shows Britons back...
The 2021 Ted Heath Lecture - Lord Heseltine
03 Nov, 2021
A transcript of the 2021 Ted Heath Lecture, delivered by European Movement UK President...
The UK government must protect environmental standards in new trade deals
28 Oct, 2021
We need to force the UK government to protect environmental and animal welfare standards in post-Brexit...
European Movement UK and Wales for Europe announce strategic partnership
27 Oct, 2021
Wales for Europe Chair Helen Wales and European Movement UK CEO Anna Bird announce...
Please welcome our new Branches Reps
26 Oct, 2021
Polls have closed in the election to select 36 representatives of our local branches...
An opportunity - but will the UK government take it?
15 Oct, 2021
The UK government must stop finding new red-lines, and start engaging constructively with the...
On Brexit, Labour is on the attack
08 Oct, 2021
Now the dust has settled, Mike Buckley looks back on Labour Party Conference 2021...