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15 Oct, 2021
An opportunity - but will the UK government take it?
The UK government must stop finding new red-lines, and start engaging constructively with the EU's bold proposals to reform the Northern Ireland Protocol, writes Stephen Farry. Farry is the MP for North Down and the Deputy Leader of the Alliance Party of Northern Ireland.
08 Oct, 2021
On Brexit, Labour is on the attack
Now the dust has settled, Mike Buckley looks back on Labour Party Conference 2021 and what it can tell us about the party's position on Brexit.
European Movement appoints Pablo O’Hana to handle strategic communications
24 Sep, 2021
The European Movement has appointed Pablo O’Hana of Apostrophe Campaigns to lead its strategic...
84% of European Movement supporters have experienced empty shelves
21 Sep, 2021
The European Movement's extensive survey of supporters and UK residents reveals a dire picture...
Counting the cost of leaving the Internal Energy Market
21 Sep, 2021
The lights may stay on but it will be consumers like us who pay...
New Trade Secretary, same rotten agenda
16 Sep, 2021
As a new Trade Secretary is appointed, farmer Andrew Brown highlights the risks of...
Members vote for greater participation and diversity in the European Movement
15 Sep, 2021
On 11 September, at a Special General Meeting of the European Movement, members voted...
"Brexit isn't working": CEO Anna Bird at our special General Meeting
11 Sep, 2021
European Movement CEO Anna Bird spoke to our special General Meeting on 11th September...
Parliament is back – why is Brexit not on the agenda?
10 Sep, 2021
Why is solving the Brexit crisis not on the agenda, asks Dominic Grieve.
New Chair of the Branches Forum is elected
04 Sep, 2021
Yvonne Wancke of North East for Europe is elected as Chair of the Branches...