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07 May, 2021
Jersey stand-off entirely predictable as Boris Johnson ignores island's Constitutional Rights
The current situation regarding access to Channel Islands waters is entirely predictable since the Westminster government chose to ignore the island's Constitutional Rights to negotiate directly with Normandie and Bretagne regional authorities.
06 May, 2021
Democracy doesn’t stop when the election is over
Today’s local, national, and municipal elections are the biggest test of public opinion since the 2019 general election. And unlike in that election and the Brexit referendum, EU citizens living in the UK can vote. Voting is a way to make ourselves heard, shape the debate and send a message to those in power. Get out and vote today!
We Need Real Brexit Scrutiny – Before It’s Too Late
23 Apr, 2021
It was the biggest political change in more than a generation. We are taking...
New European Movement report reveals human impact of Brexit
22 Apr, 2021
The European Movement has published a report featuring real-life case studies of the human...
To MPs: Step Up and Do The Right Thing
22 Apr, 2021
The European Movement UK releases its Stories of Brexit report, calling on MPs to...
Erasmus+ is special – we must not let go
20 Apr, 2021
I am devastated that we have left the Erasmus+ programme. We cannot allow hundreds...
100 Days of Brexit
09 Apr, 2021
By Jane Thomas Jane Thomas, European Movement UK activist and board member, explores the...
European Movement Conference 2021: A View from Wales
09 Apr, 2021
European Movement Conference 2021: A View from Wales
Building bridges: Ireland and the future EU-UK relationship
08 Apr, 2021
Keynote speaker at the recent European Movement UK Conference, Noelle O'Connell, CEO of European...
‘Urgent need for us to rebuild bridges with our European neighbours’; European Movement conference sets out how
28 Mar, 2021
At Saturday’s European Movement conference, politicians and industry leaders highlighted serious issues with the...