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21 May, 2021
EU citizens need physical proof of their settled status
By Luke Piper, Head of Policy and Advocacy at the3million.  
21 May, 2021
Shared prosperity fund must tackle inequality if it is to succeed
Tackling inequality and advancing equality must be at the heart of the new UK Shared Prosperity fund
Fear and concern in the country as Brexit begins to bite
20 May, 2021
As a farmer on a smallish family farm in Rutland, Andrew Brown has watched...
Government set to trade away our standards in Australia deal
19 May, 2021
This week there has been a debate in the cabinet about the post-Brexit trade...
We can't let ministers put a hard border around musicians
15 May, 2021
By Sam Murray, Musicians’ Union activist and European Movement member. 
Less than 50 days to protect our rights
13 May, 2021
By Wiebke Rueterjans, EU citizen in the UK and European Movement activist.
Jersey stand-off entirely predictable as Boris Johnson ignores island's Constitutional Rights
07 May, 2021
The current situation regarding access to Channel Islands waters is entirely predictable since the...
Democracy doesn’t stop when the election is over
06 May, 2021
Today’s local, national, and municipal elections are the biggest test of public opinion since...
We Need Real Brexit Scrutiny – Before It’s Too Late
23 Apr, 2021
It was the biggest political change in more than a generation. We are taking...
New European Movement report reveals human impact of Brexit
22 Apr, 2021
The European Movement has published a report featuring real-life case studies of the human...