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07 Apr, 2020
Three ways we're campaigning in the Coronavirus outbreak
The outbreak of COVID-19 has reminded us that issues that impact humanity do not have borders. This pandemic is evidence...
23 Mar, 2020
Dominic Grieve: Striving Together For Our Common Interests And Values
The UK may have now left the European Union, but the European Movement’s work is far from over. That’s why...
Our Next Steps
23 Mar, 2020
As I explained on 17th March, the European Movement is respecting official advice about social...
Coronavirus Update
17 Mar, 2020
I am writing following questions from several of our local campaign groups seeking advice...
Dominic Grieve and Molly Scott Cato join the European Movement
17 Mar, 2020
Former Conservative MP Dominic Grieve and Former Green MEP Molly Scott Cato have joined...
Cost of Brexit soars to £4.4 billion
06 Mar, 2020
According to a report released this morning by the National Audit Office, Brexit preparations...
Pitfalls of a Trump Trade Deal
03 Mar, 2020
 The UK has announced it's objectives for a UK-US trade deal. The European Movement's...
Trade Negotiations: 'We Should be Working Together'
27 Feb, 2020
The negotiating mandate published by the government this morning has laid out an alarming...
We must maintain Environmental Standards
27 Feb, 2020
Climate change is one of the most important issues facing not only the UK...
Bringing Communities Together
12 Feb, 2020
Saturday saw the launch of our first ever Euro Café in Stratford-upon-Avon, set up...