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08 Jan, 2021
Brexit Reality: How’s it looking?
Brexit Reality: How’s it looking? Brexit One Week On A...
01 Jan, 2021
‘We are leaving the club. No one asked us to go’ – History shows that Brexit will damage us all
The personal and human relationships between us and our continental neighbours are priceless, writes Michael Heseltine, yet every abusive headline...
We must not let Boris Johnson define who we are
31 Dec, 2020
Tomorrow we are leaving the European Union’s customs union and the single market. For...
The Brexit deal makes one thing clear – debate over our relationship with the EU is not over
31 Dec, 2020
That debate will throw up the same question of how a deepened relationship can...
Together we stood up against this bad Brexit
30 Dec, 2020
Today the historic Brexit deal was voted on in Parliament, and together we stood...
Do not endorse this bad deal
28 Dec, 2020
Brexit Deal is a Bad Deal for Britain European Movement leaders Heseltine, Dorrell &...
Johnson’s choice of Brexit is a bad deal for Britain
26 Dec, 2020
The Government has been forced to listen to you and thousands of others and...
BREAKING: Trade deal with the EU reached
24 Dec, 2020
Our Chair Stephen Dorrell   “This deal is better than no deal, but it is...
#No2NoDeal petition sent to Boris Johnson
09 Dec, 2020
With trade negotiations hanging by a thread, and on the day that Boris Johnson...
Recruitment of the next Chair of the European Movement UK
28 Nov, 2020
Further to the Rt Hon Stephen Dorrell’s announcement of his resignation, the European Movement...