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26 Oct, 2018
People's Vote March - a Winchester perspective
The Hampshire European bus was parked by King Alfred statue in the historic city of Winchester. The driver was Polish,...
25 Oct, 2018
European Movement's Oswestry and North Shropshire branch attends the People's Vote March
The Oswestry and North Shropshire branch of the European Movement was well represented at the Peoples Vote March in London...
SSTIE's take on the People's Vote March
25 Oct, 2018
One percent of the UK population converged on London this weekend in one of the...
Alabama 3 for 4 Freedoms
25 Oct, 2018
Last Friday night was the launch party of the Four Freedoms Pale Ale, a...
Wandsworth for Europe on the People's Vote March
25 Oct, 2018
On Saturday we marched together with 700,000 people for a People's Vote.  Not even...
Salisbury for Europe attend the People's Vote March
24 Oct, 2018
It was a truly amazing day when 700,00 people gathered to make their voice...
Salisbury for Europe's visit to the European Parliament
22 Oct, 2018
Salisbury for Europe took 20 Sixth form students from two schools in Salisbury to...
Suffolk EU Alliance
16 Oct, 2018
On Saturday, the country was split in half – this time, not by the...
Glostays – Gloucestershire for Europe
16 Oct, 2018
Glostays – Gloucestershire for Europe work closely with Cheltenham for Europe, campaigning tirelessly for...
Brexit: The Political Declaration
16 Oct, 2018
Brexit: The political declaration must be vague and precise at the same time The...