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13 Sep, 2017
Pro-European Groups rally for European unity and the principle of ongoing democracy
Pro-European groups Britain for Europe, the European Movement UK, Scientists...
13 Sep, 2017
European Movement Takes Part in People's March for Europe
Many branches of the European Movement UK came out to support the People's March for Europe on Saturday 9 September...
Dorrell – May must face down hardline Brextremists on the backbenches
08 Sep, 2017
The Chair of the European Movement UK, a former Conservative Cabinet Minister, has called...
Scientists for EU and partners respond to the UK Government’s position paper on Science
07 Sep, 2017
    Scientists for EU, Healthier IN the EU, the European Movement UK and...
The Real Democratic Challenge
06 Sep, 2017
We are repeatedly told that the 2016 referendum means that Parliament has no choice...
Pro-Europeans take to the street in biggest day of action since referendum
05 Sep, 2017
Thousands of grassroots pro-European activists took to the streets on Saturday 2 September in...
Cross-party Campaign Petitions Government to Come Clean on 50 Brexit Studies
30 Aug, 2017
The European Movement has today launched a cross-party campaign to petition the Government to...
Protecting peace is at root of European project and shouldn’t be threatened
17 Aug, 2017
Responding to the publication by the government of its position paper on Northern Ireland...
Separating ourselves from the EU customs union is shooting ourselves in the foot
17 Aug, 2017
Responding to the publication by the government of its position paper on new UK-EU...
Pro-Europeans Campaign in Force for a Different Future
10 Aug, 2017
The European Movement UK ran its second nationwide Action Day on Saturday 5 August,...