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16 Oct, 2018
Brexit: The Political Declaration
Brexit: The political declaration must be vague and precise at the same time The issues relating to the status of...
15 Oct, 2018
Did you vote for that?
"If your MP truly cared about your wellbeing and welfare of your family, would s/he back any form...
European Movement's Staffs4Europe Branch
12 Oct, 2018
Staffs4Europe(North) started in June just as the People’s Vote campaign took off. Nobody realised...
Ethnic minorities call for People’s Vote amid Brexit worries
11 Oct, 2018
From broken promises to curry house owners to a spike in hate crimes, there...
Write to your MP and encourage them to back a People's Vote
10 Oct, 2018
More than two years on from the referendum, the promises made during the campaign...
Lincolnshire – not as Eurosceptic as you might think!
10 Oct, 2018
Lincolnshire European Movement has been taking their Brexitometer on a mini tour of Lincolnshire...
Lord Adonis speaks to Sevenoaks
10 Oct, 2018
At the invitation of Sevenoaks & Swanley Together in Europe (SSTIE), Lord Adonis addressed...
EM Wandsworth's dinner with Charles Tannock
08 Oct, 2018
The Friday before the Conservative Party Conference Charles Tannock, MEP, managed to fit a...
A standing ovation for 'Remain'
01 Oct, 2018
For television viewers, the Labour conference Brexit highlight was perhaps the standing ovation for...
Women4Europe on the impact of Brexit on women
20 Sep, 2018
One of the founding Articles of the EU makes its commitment to gender equality...