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21 Mar, 2019
Banner making - St Albans for Europe gets creative for the Put it to the People March
Convenience isn’t a word I’d normally associate with Brexit – pain, anguish and chaos are more the words that spring...
20 Mar, 2019
European Movement Eastbourne - March 2019 Dinner
Dale Rodmell, Assistant Chief Executive of the National Federation of Fishermen’s Organisations was the speaker at European Movement Eastbourne's March...
Lord Adonis speaks to North Hampshire for Europe
19 Mar, 2019
Being part of the European Union works for the UK and we should stop...
A Bag Full of Thank Yous
17 Mar, 2019
A very successful campaign day in Tooting Broadway resulted in a bag full of...
Lambeth went to Dagenham
14 Mar, 2019
Out of borough campaigning really works   A heavily Leave district sought support from...
8 things that you can do to support a People's Vote
13 Mar, 2019
The People's Vote campaign has been vital in changing the course of the Brexit...
Brexit – Irish/Welsh campaigner walks 200 miles to London to join march for People’s Vote
11 Mar, 2019
How far would you go to get a vote? A Swansea campaigner, Ed Sides,...
European Movement Eastbourne's dinner
25 Jan, 2019
Brendan Donnelly, Director of the Federal Trust, was the speaker at our January dinner...
Paddy Ashdown 1941-2018
27 Dec, 2018
The European Movement heard with the great sadness of the passing of Lord Paddy...
The demand for a People’s Vote is growing
13 Dec, 2018
"SSTIE Brexitometer evidence shows that The demand for a People’s Vote is growing As part...