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21 Feb, 2018
Hard Brexit MPs have sent the Prime Minister a ransom note
Over 60 Brexit-supporting Tory MPs are backing the...
21 Feb, 2018
The European Movement is Proud to be Fighting for a Future at the Heart of Europe
David Davis has laid out his vision for a post-Brexit UK. All he could manage was a stab at those...
Pro-EU Coalition Highlights Vital Contribution of Migrants to our Society & NHS
15 Feb, 2018
A coalition of grassroots pro-EU organisations has come together for an Action Day on...
Young European Movement Comments on Boris Johnson’s Brexit speech
15 Feb, 2018
Comment from the Young European Movement (YEM) - who are running an anti-Brexit campaign,...
European Movement Action Day to Support One Day Without Us
12 Feb, 2018
The European Movement, alongside other pro-European organisations, is running an Action Day on Saturday...
Progress in Building the Case against Government’s Brexit Policy
05 Feb, 2018
I write to update you on our continuing progress in building the case against...
Young European Movement UK launches new campaign
02 Feb, 2018
The Young European Movement UK, Britain’s oldest pro-European youth organisation, has launched a new...
The European Movement UK Nominated for Non-Profit Grassroots Organisation of the Year at Reed Awards 2018
31 Jan, 2018
The Reed Awards & Conference is the agenda-setting event for those in the business...
We Need to Stay in Euratom to Protect our NHS
29 Jan, 2018
The Nuclear Safeguards Bill is currently being debated in Parliament, which is why the...
Lord Kerr Highlights People Have the Right to Change their Mind on Brexit
26 Jan, 2018
Lord Kerr, who played a central role in authoring Article 50, the Lisbon Treaty...