Statement on the publication of the Sue Gray Report

Published on May 25, 2022

Today’s publication of the Sue Gray report clearly exposes failures of leadership from Boris Johnson’s government and a toxic culture at the centre of Number 10. The behaviour Sue Gray describes is appalling. But the erosion of trust it represents is unforgivable.

The report is clear. They set the rules. Then they sang, partied, fought, and got drunk. They broke their own rules. Then they tried to cover it up.

We, the people, need to have trust in our government: that it can lead us out of crisis, that it will support those most in need, that it will prioritise that which is most important – peace, democracy, prosperity. That trust is earned by a government when it acts with integrity.

The European Movement UK has questioned this government’s integrity since the referendum in 2016. We were lied to during that campaign like we have been lied to on Partygate. We were promised the impossible. The Brexit lies peddled during the referendum campaign are now being spouted from the dispatch box on Partygate.

We simply cannot trust him. The European Movement UK has been consistent in calling out the Brexit lies. Boris Johnson wants silence on the toxic behaviour in Downing Street, he wants silence on his botched Brexit deal, and he wants us to stop talking about the lies and deceit that got him into Downing Street.

We will not stop calling out those lies; we will not remain silent. And we won’t rest until the calamity caused by those lies is reversed.

Anna Bird

CEO European Movement UK

Our movement is powered by people like you coming together to battle for the soul of our country!

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