Join the Battle for the Soul of our Country

We may have left the EU, but we are still European.

Now that we have left the EU, join the largest pro-European organisation in the UK and become a part of the European community for the future. Together, we can fight for our shared European values and hold Boris Johnson to account.

Join the movement.

As a member, you will be at the heart of the movement. Whether it's by shaping and informing the movement’s work, attending events, or taking action in your community - our members make us who we are.

Our thousands of members make us too loud to ignore and help us go from strength to strength, as we fight hard to secure a European future that we can be proud of.

As a thank you, members get preferential access to upcoming events, as well as special member-only events that offer a deeper dive into the latest in UK and European affairs. You'll also receive our in-depth weekly briefing on the latest developments, straight to your inbox.


£3 per month

Low income £1 per month

  •  Membership Card & Enamel Pin
  •  Welcome Guide to EMUK
  •  Weekly Brexit Watch newsletter
  •  Early access to public events

£36 per year

Low income £12 per year

  •   Membership Card & Enamel Pin
  •   Welcome Guide to EMUK
  •   Weekly Brexit Watch newsletter
  •   Early access to public events

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