Statement on the new Prime Minister

Published on September 05, 2022

Today, Liz Truss is our new Prime Minister. She deserves our open minds and the chance to lead.

But for seven years, Brexit has tested us in every possible respect. During this time, we have seen that our country is more divided than we thought, and there are times when the traditionally bright light of our British values shone rather dim.

And so, the new Prime Minister must stare this reality in the face: Britons are hurting like never before.

British values, which once offered hope, friendship and leadership around the world, have been trampled by short-sighted, self-serving politicians whose actions have done serious damage to our country’s character and soul.

Now, more than ever, our British values need reclaiming, restoring, and we need to heal.

As Liz Truss enters our highest office, she has the unique opportunity to get our country back on track and reclaim what makes Britain great. It is a unique chance to rewrite what the world thinks of us and what will become our country’s story. But she must actively choose to do so.

One of her first actions as our new Prime Minister must be to concede that the precious Good Friday Agreement and her predecessor’s hard Brexit are simply incompatible. 

She must urgently re-think legislation on the Northern Ireland Protocol and put a stop to actions that risk a trade war with Europe. In doing so she will be sending a clear sign that as PM she will put peace and prosperity before party politics.

In the meantime, the European Movement will do all we can to reignite the British light, rebuild relationships across Europe and help the UK find our place back on the world stage. We are the only organisation with the courage to expose the calamity of Brexit and win the Battle for the Soul of our Country.

Anna Bird

CEO - European Movement UK

Help us put Europe on the political agenda before the general election

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