No more lies: politicians need to speak out about Brexit damage

Published on June 25, 2023

Before Brexit, my former constituency in the North East depended heavily on exporting to the EU, more indeed than any other part of the UK.

So, 7 years ago, during the time of the referendum, many industries were rightfully fearful of cutting themselves off from their nearest and biggest market.

Today, when I speak with business owners in my local area, I hear their frustration and anger. The fears they had 7 years ago are now a reality.

Businesses are wrapped up in red tape; wages are stagnating; there are huge labour shortages and no new trade deals with other global superpowers have come along to match all the huge advantages of belonging to the European single market and the Customs Union. 

As the years go on, Bregret is growing increasingly higher – including in the North East. In a recent poll, UnHerd Britain 2023 found that 629 of the UK's 632 constituencies now think Britain was wrong to leave the EU. The public consensus is clear: Brexit was a huge mistake that we must and can undo. 

But despite this fact, all major political parties are completely ignoring public consensus and remain silent on Brexit. 

Personally, I believe that over the last 7 years, enough lies have been told. Politicians must openly stand up and acknowledge the negative impact that Brexit is having on Britain. 

Everyday more and more people are waking up to the reality that Brexit can never work, and more and more people are being negatively impacted by the reality of leaving the EU. But every day more and more people are joining the European Movement.

Our movement is more important now than ever before. Change is coming and I firmly believe that, with enough momentum, we can force politicians in Westminster to admit the failings of Brexit.  

Joyce Quin,  

Vice President European Movement UK  

Help us put Europe on the political agenda before the general election