Dominic Grieve becomes VP of European Movement UK

Published on June 30, 2023

The European Movement is delighted to announce that we are appointing Dominic Grieve KC PC as a Vice President.

Grieve, one of the Tory rebels stripped of the whip by Boris Johnson in 2019 for refusing to back a no-deal Brexit, served as attorney general from 2010 to 2014. The MP for Beaconsfield from 1997 to 2019 was also chair of Parliament’s Intelligence and Security Committee for four years.   

Grieve will join a prestigious line-up which includes Caroline Lucas MP (Vice President), Vince Cable (Vice President) former leader of the Liberal Democrats, Deputy Prime Minister and Conservative heavyweight Michael Heseltine (President) and former MP and MEP Joyce Quin (Vice President).  

As a committed pro-European, with such experience and knowledge, we are honoured to have Grieve as a Vice President of the European Movement. 

Vice President, Dominic Grieve KC PC said:

"It’s an honour to be appointed Vice President of the European Movement. I believe that this is the only organisation with the courage, capacity and commitment to reverse the calamity of Brexit and take the UK in a new direction that repairs our relationship with the European Union. This mission has never been more important. 

It’s exciting to join this movement at a time of such growth and progress. Just last week, the European Movement hit the milestone of 20,000 members – in fact, they are now within reach of 21,000. Thank you to everyone who has helped make this growth happen, and a special welcome to all new members who have recently joined. 

In the last few months, we’ve also seen public opinion shift definitively towards recognising Brexit as a mistake. Not even the Brexiters can outline a Brexit benefit. Last week, no Government minister was willing to appear on the BBC’s Brexit Question Time special to defend their record on Brexit. And two weeks ago, Boris Johnson, the man who brought us this disastrous hard Brexit, was exposed for the charlatan he is - something I have said since 2019. 

There is a reason the European Movement is gaining more traction than ever before. But we must keep on going. It’s not enough to prove that Brexit was a calamity. We must collaborate and find new ways forward to undo the damage and return to our place in Europe. 

So, as a Vice President of the European Movement, I will use the networks and connections that I developed during my time as an MP, Shadow Home Secretary, Attorney General and Chair of the Intelligence and Security Committee to help make this happen. 

I will work with my fellow Vice Presidents to build greater cross-party links in our campaign to rebuild ties with the EU. 

And I will use my knowledge and expertise of Europe to work towards re-joining the Customs Union, restoring freedom of movement between the UK and EU, and bringing the UK back into the Erasmus+ and Horizon research programmes. 

But I won’t be doing this alone. I know the European Movement UK and what they are capable of. We have the grassroots power, political stamina, and unwavering determination to rebuild our relationship with Europe.  

I look forward to working with the European Movement UK as a newly appointed Vice President." 

Emma Knaggs, Interim CEO of the European Movement said: 

“We are thrilled and honoured to welcome Dominic Grieve to the European Movement. We are certain that his expertise and commitment to Europe will rally our already growing movement.

“The European Movement is a cross-party organisation which already boasts some of the biggest and most respected names in British politics from Vince Cable to Caroline Lucas, and Dominic Grieve's appointment only strengthens these cross-party relationships.

“We are entering an exciting and critical stage in the Battle for the Soul of our Country. Just last week, we hit the milestone of 20,000 members – and with Dominic’s help we hope to reach 21,000 today, we are more confident than ever that we are on course to succeed.

“The European Movement is the only organisation with the courage, capacity and commitment to reverse the calamity of Brexit, and I know that Dominic will do everything in his power to help us achieve our organisational aims”. 

Here’s a short video announcing Dominic Grieve as VP of the European Movement - please take a moment to watch and share it: 





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