I won’t stop until we have reversed Brexit

Published on June 23, 2023

Today marks seven years since the referendum that ended our relationship with the European Union. 

This was a deeply controversial proposal supported by only the narrowest majority of British people. Today I am pleased to say that the mood is changing. There is a far larger majority of people that know Brexit has failed. And there is a growing awareness of the deception that has taken place and the lies that underpinned it.   

I believe that the time has come for the British people to be told the truth. The leaders of our political parties cannot go on hiding from the damage to our economy, our reputation in the world, and the frustration of our younger generation. 

The European Movement is leading the charge to make this happen.

Over the last seven years, the lies of Brexit have been uncovered one by one.   

They said our economy would be stronger.  

Yet, we are still waiting for the new trade deals that would more than compensate for our decision to sever our access to our largest home market...  

They promised they would abolish suffocating EU laws. 

Yet, as the years have passed, the target for repeal has shrunk from 4000 to some 600 unidentified laws. We are still waiting for the details... 

They said we would take back control of our borders.  

Yet today a record number of immigrants are entering the UK illegally, and the shortage of skilled workers is a major inhibitor in our economic performance...  

It is evident that Brexit has failed, and I have no doubt as to why it has failed. The Brexit case from the outset was never based on reasoned arguments or detailed policies. It was comprised of slogans interwoven with the familiar targets of the mob - the civil service, foreigners, immigrants, and Brussels. 

Together we must end this madness, or nothing will be left of our beloved country. That’s why I’m urging you to join the only organisation with the courage, capacity and commitment to reverse the calamity of Brexit.  


For the entirety of our time in the EU, and in the build-up, I worked with several Conservative PMs who recognised the growing interdependence of the European nations in the face of the world's superpowers.  

They learnt the lesson of history and were determined to stop the continent’s all too familiar resort to conflict. They knew the importance of a single market and how to protect UK interests in the process. 

Since 2016 the Brexiters have thrown all this progress away. And for what? What have they been doing for seven years? Having illegal parties, lying to boost their own leadership goals and wrecking our beloved country.  

I am embarrassed of what has happened over the last seven years. But I won’t give up on the fight to reverse the calamity of Brexit. I will fight until my last breath to hold the Brexiters accountable, win the Battle for the Soul of our Country, and recreate our position at the centre of Europe just as Churchill fought for.  

And I am confident that the European Movement will be prominent among those who return us to Europe. 

Lord Heseltine  

President of the European Movement UK  

Help us put Europe on the political agenda before the general election