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13 Dec, 2018
Macclesfield and East Cheshire Action Day
European Movement Macclesfield and East Cheshire, along with Wilmslow for Europe ran 3 very successful street stalls on Saturday...
13 Dec, 2018
Wilmslow's Action Day
Campaigners braved the driving rain on Saturday to continue their request for a People’s Vote on Brexit. Representatives...
Alton street stall a joint success
13 Dec, 2018
As part of the People's Vote National Action Day on Saturday 8th December, a street...
Women for Europe's letter template
07 Dec, 2018
If like us, you’re watching the unfolding politial car-crash in astonishment, please take a...
Why it's important to take part in People's Vote events
04 Dec, 2018
Every day, the demand for a People's Vote gets stronger and stronger, as the...
Women for Europe rally for a People's Vote
06 Nov, 2018
"We are keen to continue to engage in the struggle for a People's Vote....
Brexit is wrong. St Albans For Europe is putting it WRITE.
05 Nov, 2018
Who writes letters these days? Who bothers to pick up a pen? Find a...
Swindon for Europe's Letter Writing Sessions
01 Nov, 2018
"Swindon for Europe has a letter writing group. Most of us communicate via a...
TW-IN's letter writing sessions for the People's Vote Campaign
31 Oct, 2018
"I have taken part in a couple of letter writing sessions with TW-IN and...
Cambridge Stays supporters join 700,000 in historic march for a People’s Vote on Brexit
29 Oct, 2018
"On a bright Saturday morning, the 20th of October 2018, 123 Cambridge Stays supporters...