Meet the new Young European Movement Board

Published on July 21, 2023

Earlier this summer, the Young European Movement (YEM) elected its National Board for 2023/24, tasked with leading the organisation into the future, championing the policies and ideas which matter to young people and organising events nationwide to help build a national movement for change. 

Klajdi Selimi 

Leading the change is the President of the Young European Movement, Klajdi Selimi, elected after serving in several roles within the organisation in recent years. Klajdi is a graduate of the University of Canterbury with a keen interest in politics and changemaking. 

Contact: [email protected] 

Cecilia Jastrzembska 

Our Head of Events for the coming year is Cecilia Jastrzembska, a committed feminist with a passion for equality, diversity and inclusion in politics. Cecilia works for Innovate UK and is well connected in business and politics circles, helping YEM to build a coalition of support. 

Contact: [email protected] 

Shriya Bajpai

Shriya Bajpai served as YEM’s Head of Communications and Social Media, delivering an effective communications strategy for the organisation and helping our network of branches to share our message. A student at the University of Manchester, Shriya is a valued addition to our team. 

Contact: [email protected] 

Willow Fisher 

Our Head of Campaigns is Willow Fisher, another student at the University of Manchester with a passion for campaigning on the issues affecting their generation. A musician in their spare time, Willow’s priority for this year is campaigning for the UK to re-join Erasmus+. 

Contact: [email protected] 

Jordan Byrne 

Jordan Byrne serves as YEM’s Head of Policy. Currently studying a master’s in management at the London School of Economics, he first became actively involved in politics during the Brexit Referendum, and later worked closely on the People’s Vote campaign. 

Contact: [email protected] 

Stella Mavropoulou 

Our Vice President, and Head of International Affairs & Partnerships for this year is Stella Mavropoulou, an active member of YEM London for many years. Originally from Greece, Stella is committed to building up YEM’s external partners and representing us on the European stage through our affiliated network, JEF Europe.  

Contact: [email protected] 

Joseph Strasser

Acting as Head of Recruitment, Membership and Branches is Joseph Strasser. A graduate of the University of Kent and later the London School of Economics, Joseph has a keen legal mind and is committed to building up YEM’s national network of branches. 

Contact: [email protected] 

Malena Ehrenzeller 

Finally, our Head of Fundraising, Finance, & Administration for 2023/24 is Malena Ehrenzeller. Malena has been involved with YEM for a number of years and helps the team on a case by case basis, with her main focus now being grant applications. 

Contact: [email protected] 



Our movement is powered by people like you coming together to battle for the soul of our country!

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