Government research shows Turing Scheme not working as intended – rejoining Erasmus+ is a necessity for British youth

Published on January 04, 2024

The first official analysis of the Turing Scheme has highlighted the inadequacy of the programme, with the European Movement (EM) UK calling on the Government to restore Britain’s membership of the Erasmus+ programme.

Almost 30,000 people have signed the Embrace Erasmus petition, organised by EM UK, the Young European Movement and the British Youth Council. The campaign has also garnered widespread support from across the political spectrum, with Sadiq Khan, Sir Vince Cable, Caroline Lucas MP and Alyn Smith MP all calling for a return to Erasmus+.

Dr Mike Galsworthy, Chair of European Movement UK, said: 

“Government research has proven what we at the European Movement have been saying for some time; the Turing Scheme is not an adequate substitution for the Erasmus+ programme.

“With the majority (79%) of Higher Education providers reporting difficulty with the scheme’s application process, along with inadequate funding and delivery challenges, the analysis shows that the Turing Scheme is not serving our students, young people or education providers.

“The obvious solution to this failure is restoring our membership of Erasmus+. The UK has benefited hugely from the programme in the past; between 2007 and 2013, the UK received over £500 million more in funding from the European Union for education and training than it contributed. It also facilitated enhanced education opportunities, international collaboration and research, as well as cultural exchange – strengthening our soft power abroad.

“The public appetite for rejoining the Erasmus+ programme is clear; we’ve seen almost 30,000 people support our Embrace Erasmus campaign over the past month. Those in power need to listen to the public, in particular young people, and restore our place within the programme.”


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