EM UK hosts campaign webinar for Face The Music

Published on February 23, 2024

Last night, European Movement UK held a campaign webinar: Face The Music – We need a new deal for musicians.  

We looked at the post-Brexit issues facing our live music sector, what the campaign is calling for and how we can achieve the change that the live music sector is crying out for.  

We heard first from Matt Cargill (Producer and musician at Sly and the Family Drone) and Jon Collins (Chief Executive of LIVE, the voice of the UK’s contemporary live music sector). 

After Matt Cargill detailed the post-Brexit problems he has faced as a touring musician, Jon Collins, CEO of LIVE, said: 

“The general rule of thumb in the industry is 1 person on stage, and 7 people off it. We’ve had world-class talent in the UK for decades. We have led the world, and this is now in the process of being offshored to Europe. 

“Bigger companies are relocating to the EU. Small companies are finding it harder to cope. This is hitting the smaller acts a lot more. 

“Complexity and cost are now the two biggest obstacles to people trying to perform in Europe. We want touring reform built in the Trade and Cooperation Agreement.” 

Maura McKeon (our Local Campaigns Manager) and Yvonne Wancke (Chair of European Movement UK’s Branches Forum) then walked through the details of the Face The Music Action Weekend, which is coming up on 1-3rd March.  

The five ways you can get involved with the Face The Music campaign are: 

  • to order materials and get out and about for the Action Weekend;  
  • talk to local venues and build relationships with them – we want to get our posters up and in venues across the UK;  
  • to organise an event with performers in your area – EM UK is able to provide up to £200 per group to support this (you have to submit a funding form by this for April 30th 2024, but your event can be held after this); 
  • Sign and share the Face The Music petition, and; 
  • Post about the campaign and what you’re doing for it on social media. 

This was before Mike Edwards (an EM member and activist at EM Sussex) detailed how EM Sussex organised their own music event at the end of 2023.   

You can watch the webinar here. 

Tell the UK government to Face The Music now. 

Our movement is powered by people like you coming together to battle for the soul of our country!

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