Let’s get the UK back into Erasmus+

The UK left the Erasmus+ programme as part of Brexit - and as a result, snatched vital opportunities away from young people in this country.

Erasmus+ gives young people the chance to study, work and travel across Europe. The Europe-wide programme created countless opportunities for young people in the UK, as well as bringing talent from other countries into our universities and workplaces. Being outside Erasmus+ puts our country, and our young people, at a disadvantage.

That’s why the Young European Movement, in partnership with the European Movement UK and the British Youth Council, call on the Government to open negotiations to re-enter the Erasmus+ programme, and for opposition political parties to pledge their support.

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The government’s substandard replacement, the Turing scheme, fails to fund local projects, and reduces the money and support available for UK students wishing to study abroad. Young trainees, workers and apprentices are no longer able to take part at all.

We have closed our doors completely to the world and taken funding from those wanting to come to the UK, losing us both our place as a world-leading destination to work and study, and an estimated £243 million annual profit from foreign participants that used to spend money across the UK.

YEM UK, with European Movement UK, the British Youth Council, and every member of our coalition, stands with the students and young workers of this country. We demand that the Government listen to our voices, ditch Turing and rejoin Erasmus+ now.

37.1 million people attended live music events in the UK in 2022. The industry is worth £1.1 billion to the UK. The UK is a cultural and creative powerhouse, and we all know how important music is to the way we live our lives.

That is why we need to act now. Spread the word, and demand action to save a generation of artists.

Our politicians don’t want to talk about Brexit and the impact of Brexit. But we can and must change that.

By joining our campaign, you will join our list of activists who will write to policymakers. You will help us share the experiences of musicians and raise awareness of the campaign. You can join campaign activity in your local area helping to get our message to the people who matter. You will help us show how important grassroots music is to communities up and down the UK.

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