Act Now: It's Time To Face The Music

When the UK left the European Union, musicians lost the ability to tour without restriction in Europe. This means that performing and selling merchandise got more complicated and expensive.

We are asking the Government to Face the Music and find a solution to the issues facing musicians who want to tour Europe after Brexit.

Music is a central part of our cultural identity; it champions diversity and supports our local communities. We must act now and demand that our politicians act.

After the UK left the EU, the UK had to negotiate arrangements with each country. They had to do this so that UK artists and their support teams could tour in Europe.

Negotiating with each country creates a complex set of rules and procedures. These can change between each nation.

What does this mean for artists?

Almost half of musicians say they had less work in Europe than they did before Brexit. 40% of musicians in the UK have lost work because of Brexit red tape. UK artists have lost an average of £11,545 of income since the UK left the EU.

Brexit is holding back one of the UK’s strongest creative exports. It has made it much harder for European artists to visit and perform in the UK.

It means that many musicians and people working in the industry are leaving.

We are calling for a negotiated and reciprocated visa waiver agreement and a review of the restrictions on how many days an artist and support workers can work in the EU in 180 days.

We urge the UK Government and the European Union to explore the mechanisms that would allow this to be realised.

37.1 million people attended live music events in the UK in 2022. The industry is worth £1.1 billion to the UK. The UK is a cultural and creative powerhouse, and we all know how important music is to the way we live our lives.

That is why we need to act now. Spread the word, and demand action to save a generation of artists.

Our politicians don’t want to talk about Brexit and the impact of Brexit. But we can and must change that.

By joining our campaign, you will join our list of activists who will write to policymakers. You will help us share the experiences of musicians and raise awareness of the campaign. You can join campaign activity in your local area helping to get our message to the people who matter. You will help us show how important grassroots music is to communities up and down the UK.

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