Stop The Trade War With Europe

Boris Johnson may be gone, but the impact of his cataclysmic Brexit government will continue.

It is clear that Prime Minister Rishi Sunak also believes in threatening a trade war with Europe.

We must do everything we can to make Rishi Sunak heed the warnings. These warnings include, but are not limited to:

• UK business chiefs have warned the government about the "horrific" economic impact

• Food industry CEOs have warned No 10 that tearing up the Protocol could lead to even more expensive food prices

• The EU has launched legal action against the UK

During a cost-of-living crisis, this government’s pandering to hard-line Brexiteers and the DUP will make life harder for people up and down the country.

We call on Rishi Sunak to admit that the Good Friday Agreement and Brexit are incompatible. We call on him to:

• Stop this posturing, that could lead to a trade war with Europe,

• Rethink legislation on the Northern Ireland Protocol, and;

• Put peace and prosperity before internal party politics.

37.1 million people attended live music events in the UK in 2022. The industry is worth £1.1 billion to the UK. The UK is a cultural and creative powerhouse, and we all know how important music is to the way we live our lives.

That is why we need to act now. Spread the word, and demand action to save a generation of artists.

Our politicians don’t want to talk about Brexit and the impact of Brexit. But we can and must change that.

By joining our campaign, you will join our list of activists who will write to policymakers. You will help us share the experiences of musicians and raise awareness of the campaign. You can join campaign activity in your local area helping to get our message to the people who matter. You will help us show how important grassroots music is to communities up and down the UK.

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